Early Review: One Night More by Mandy Baxter

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One Night More
Author: Mandy Baxter

Jen Twimom
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

Galen Kelly is one of the top recruits for the U.S. Marshals Service’s elite Special Operations Group (SOG). The night before he is scheduled to depart for France for a year, he and his best friend (and fellow Marshal) Landon go out to celebrate. Little did he know that taking down a creepy stalker at the bar, he’d end up going home with Harper.

Harper Allen is a recent journalism graduate of the University of Portland. When she feels an instant connection to the mysterious stranger who saves her, she takes a risk and brings him home. Sharing only the truth but withholding names, the pair spend an amazing night together, until Galen sneaks out and disappears from her life. That is until the pair reunite a year later when Harper finds her self under the protection of the U.S. Marshals Service.

One More Night kicks off Mandy Baxter’s new romantic suspense series with a bang. The book has an excellent balance of world building, mystery and intrigue, and steamy romance. I was immediately drawn into Harper and Galen’s strong attraction, and their initial hookup was knock-your-socks off hot! My biggest complaint – it took way too long for the follow-up encounter!

Harper and Galen are both strong characters, demanding and stubborn. Although they do butt heads from time to time, their strong attraction overcomes most differences. However, the fact that Galen shares a history with Harper must remain a secret from his boss, as well as from Harper, or Galen will be removed from his post. Internally, he struggles between wanting to be with Harper and wanting to protect her – which is what wins out and why he keeps up his charade. For a very long time. By the midway point of the book, I was frustrated, and while I understood and appreciated the need for keeping his silence, I wanted more. Finally, with nearly two-thirds of the book finished, the pair comes clean and the romantic elements kicked up several notches.

The action-filled suspense storyline is entertaining, although I felt some of the situations and scenarios were a bit unrealistic. Harper is witness to the murder of a major political figure and potentially in possession of key evidence. The need to keep her safe seems to take back seat at times to Galen’s desire and Harper’s indignant behavior. Putting the few issues I had aside, I liked the primary plot and felt the author created a solid storyline.

Overall, I enjoyed One Night More. The story is exciting at times and very sexy at others. Although I feel there are a few unrealistic situations, it is an enjoyable romance with an intriguing suspense storyline. The supporting characters add a lot to the world, including some well-timed humorous moments. Once the romantic storyline picked up, I found the book difficult to put down, and I look forward to the next story in the U.S. Marshals series.

My Rating: B+ Liked It A Lot


About the Book:

Getting saved from disaster by a handsome stranger—Harper Allen has no problem with that. But when he leaves without a word or a clue to his real identity, the newbie reporter writes it off as the best one-night-stand she’ll never have again. Until a year later, when Harper comes face to face with the man assigned to hide her from a senator’s killer…

Galen Kelly hasn’t forgotten a single sensual minute of his night with Harper… or that she betrayed him. But with the FBI also on their trail, he’s got to pretend he’s never met her or risk both their lives. But as danger closes in, Galen may not be able to protect himself from taking the biggest risk of all…

Release Date: September 2, 2014
U.S. Marshals #1
ISBN: #978-1420134797
Romantic Suspense
paperback (352 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: Author/NetGalley

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One Night More (U.S. Marshals #1)

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  1. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    This is my next read. I’m hoping to start it this weekend after I finish EVERNIGHT.

    • Oh! I hope you like it. Let me know when you are done. I liked the characters a lot… just be prepared to have a little patience in the middle!