Author Guest Post: Kim Mullican

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Please welcome author Kim Mullican to That’s What I’m Talking About. Kim is here to talk about the fun research she did while writing her latest title, Thicker Than Water


While I try not to be a chauvinist, I have said more times than I care to admit that men just don’t grow up. What does this make me? Well, it makes me a hypocrite. When researching for Thicker Than Water I found myself distracted by the tools of the Private Investigator trade. Sure, a high powered camera is the first thing that comes to mind but what about spy stuff? Like real spy stuff. Cameras that take pics at different angles so the target doesn’t know you’re photographing them?

My “research” led me to twelve hours of googling my little heart out and a true A.D.H.D. moment when I started looking at spy equipment. I totally forgot I was doing research for a book. I forgot that I needed to research how Michelle Mott would tail people without being seen. Because…toys.

As many tools of the trade that there are from specialty cameras and listening devices, there are counterintelligence measures that can be taken…all for sale through Amazon! Holy Smokes! You mean I could spy on people and keep them from spying on me? Cool.

Okay, so every prepper who runs across this post is now searching Amazon for counterintelligence devices. I turned into a 9 year old girl when I saw some of these devices. Buyers beware – some of these toys run into the thousands of dollars!!!

About the Book:

Kim Mullican - Thicker Than Water coverBlood may be thicker than water, but family isn’t necessarily who you’re related to. In this suspenseful mystery with a romantic twist, we follow Private Investigator Michelle Mott on her most exciting case to date.

Wisecracking Mott has been a loner since her parents died. When Daniel Cardinale walks into her office with her most interesting case yet, his world threatens to turn hers upside down. He needs her to find out who is sending him anonymous money and what the truth is behind his dead fiancé’s demise. If his case weren’t complicating her life enough, local crime lord Gino Salito has taken an interest in Mott.

Mott’s empty life begins to fill up with an unexpected and rag-tag group of people, and she’s afraid her dangerous life will take them away, leaving her alone once again.

In truth, it’s Mott’s life that may be the one at risk. She’ll have to hope that blood isn’t always thicker than water.

Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Release Date:  June 15, 2014
ISBN: 978-1500218799
Number of pages: 214
Word Count: 59,332

Kindle   Paperback


I am about to die. I don’t mean in the Sylvia Plath-we’re-all going-to-die-sometime sort of way. In mere moments, the meathead behind the barrel of the handgun held to my temple will pull the trigger. The hammer will come down, igniting a tiny explosion that will send a lead ball tearing through my cranium. My brains, bones and blood will spray on the area beside me. I won’t even hear a click. I won’t feel a thing. Idiots. This is the least creative way to murder someone.

And the suicide note they had me write sounds nothing like me. No one is going to believe I committed suicide. If they watched one episode of one crime show they’d know I needed gun powder residue on my hands, not duct tape residue on my wrists. This has to be the worst faked suicide in history. That’s what you get when you hire steroid induced freaks with the IQ of a cannoli.

I should have known this would happen. Wrong guy in your bed, you get a little nosey and this is where you wind up. Cold barrel pressed against your temple by some guy who doesn’t even fully understand why his boss wants you expired. Nor does he care. He doesn’t even care that his boss is too much of a puss to pull the trigger himself.

I should be crying or begging for my life. But I’m not. I’m sitting here like a limestone statue: cold, calm…it’s sort of creepy, actually. Fear and panic should be knocking at my door. Instead an unexpected feeling of calm was all I had. Maybe I knew this was a possibility.

About the Author:

Kim Mullican was born in Northwest Indiana, where she was raised on the family farm.  She attended International Business College in Fort Wayne before continuing on at Indiana Wesleyan University.

When she’s not writing, she’s probably cooking a meal for her rather large family.  An assortment of children and pets keep her on her toes.

On the rare chance she and Mr. Mullican can pull away, you can find them on a quiet body of water, fishing poles in hand.

She’s a cross-genre writer offering, paranormal, mystery, suspense, thriller and more.