Quickie Review: Our Broken Sky by Sarah Harian

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Our Broken Sky
Author: Sarah Harian
Gikany & Una
Rating: A-

What We’re Talking About:

Our Broken Sky is a novella in the Chaos Theory series that retells the story of The Wicked We Have Done from Valerie’s point of view. Valerie is another contestant in the Compass Room. We recommend this to anyone that has read the first book. Considering the nature and span of Our Broken Sky, do not read this unless you have read the first book or it will spoil it for you.

It was interesting to see another perspective of the events from The Wicked We Have Done. Valerie is a complex character who has always marched to her own drummer and through this novella we were able to understand and appreciate her. Although seeming standoffish and violent, there is a core of goodness and protectiveness in her – though it manifests itself differently than most. Seeing through her eyes was at times as fascinating as it was heartbreaking.

Gikany and Una recommend Our Broken Sky to anyone reading the Chaos Theory series. Although it is not necessary before reading the next novel in the series, it does give a stronger connection to a major supporting character, Valerie. We look forward to the next novel in the series, A Vault of Sins.

Our Rating: A- Enjoyed A Lot


About the Book:

Valerie has always been different from her identical twin Veda. Tattooed, fiery, and foul-mouthed, Valerie acts on instinct, getting even with anyone who wrongs her passive and sensitive sister.

At twenty-two, Veda doesn’t want to seek revenge against the three young men who raped her. As for Val…

Val never could manage her anger well.

As far as Val sees it, the Compass Room is simply a quicker way for her to die—payment for the crime she feels no guilt over. There isn’t a reason to fight, not until a girl as broken as she is reminds Val of what it’s like to hope…

Release Date: August 19, 2014
Chaos Theory #1.5
New Adult (Urban Fantasy/Futuristic), novella
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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Our Broken Sky (Chaos Theory #1.5)

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