Review: Black Rook by Kelly Meade

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Black Rook
Kelly Meade (Kelly Meding)
Reviewer: Gikany & Una
Rating: A-

What We’re Talking About:

Gikany and Una enjoyed the first book in the new Cornerstone Run trilogyBlack Rook is a light read with a refreshing werewolf (they call themselves loup garou) mythology and a slowly burning romance.

In this world there are several different types of paranormal creatures: loup garou, mages, and vampires.  Brynn is a mage.  Because she is the second child, her powers are less than those of her older twin sister.  Her gift is to have uncontrolled glimpses of the future. The glimpse she sees of Rook standing over the dead body of her father sends Brynn to Cornerstone to stop the murder by tracking down Rook.

However, nothing proceeds as Brynn imagined.  If it wasn’t for the grim nature of her quest, it would be almost comical.  As Brynn finds herself face to face with Rook, she learns that he is more than the research she has done.  The attraction between them is instant, but they are not slaves to it.

Rook is a deliciously alpha male, but one who is smart and intuitive.  He doesn’t jump to conclusions, but rather looks at the possibilities and then whittles them down.  We loved his steadfast and loyal nature, his gentleness, and his fierce protective streak.  When the nature of the enemy is known, though it is shocking, Rook takes it in stride and works at trying to figure out the best course of action that we keep all he loves safe.

Although loup garou is another term for werewolf, this mythology is different than what we are used to.  We enjoyed this different perspective and found the mythology fascinating.  Most loup garou are grey wolves.  There are also the stronger black wolves who tend to be enforcers and pack leaders.  The very rare white wolves are empaths.   They help to keep the pack calm, under control, and emotionally healthy.   White wolves also have a few other odd traits.  When all loup garou shift, for every minute they are wolf, they must spend twice amount of time in human form to rest before they can attempt to shift again.  To keep the balance between their wolf and human sides, every loup garou has one night of forced change every quarter.  These quarterlies are not the traditional werewolf night spent hunting as a pack under a full moon.  To keep the public safe, they are locked in cages for the duration of the quarterly.

The mythology is rich and there is much more we could share, but we’d rather have you read Black Rook.  The slow burn of the romance, and the way Rook and Brynn truly communicate and discuss the depth and ramifications of their romance are refreshing.  The action and suspense will keep you glued to the pages while the writing style makes this a quickly devoured read.  We were intrigued by the antagonist in the overarching plot line.  Grey Bishop is the next novel in the Cornerstone Run trilogy and we cannot wait to see what happens next in this world.

Our Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot


About the Book:

She never saw this coming…
Brynn Atwood is a low-level Magus whose unpredictable precognitive powers have made her an outcast among her people—and an embarrassment to her highly-regarded father. After a frightening vision in which her father is murdered by a loup garou man, Brynn decides to prove herself by finding the killer, and stopping them at any cost.

Her target is Rook McQueen, the son of a small-town loup garou Alpha. Despite being the youngest of three, Rook is first in line to inherit the role of Alpha, a duty he isn’t sure he’s capable of fulfilling. When Brynn finally meets Rook, she doesn’t expect the attraction that draws her to him—and him to her.

No longer believing him a murderer, Brynn and Rook strike an alliance to find her father’s real killer. But when his older brother is targeted by an unknown enemy, Rook will have to choose between his growing feelings for Brynn and his duty as the future Alpha of his community.

Release Date: July 15, 2014
Cornerstone Run Trilogy #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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Black Rook (Cornerstone Run #1)

4 responses to “Review: Black Rook by Kelly Meade

  1. Melanie Simmons

    I really enjoyed the different take on werewolves that is in this story. I can’t wait for Knight’s story. I feel so bad for the white wolves. Great review.

    • UnaReads

      Yes, we found this series very refreshing. The role and fate of the white wolf is tragic in many ways. I’m glad that Grey Bishop is due out soon.