Review: Rogue’s Paradise by Jeffe Kennedy

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Rogue’s Paradise
Jeffe Kennedy
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

Reading The Mark of Tala by Jeffe Kennedy, piqued my interest in her writing, so I looked up her other books and found the Covenant of Thorns trilogy.  It sounded intriguing so I bought the first two books and inhaled them and requested for review this, the third title.  I am happy to state, I also inhaled Rogue’s Paradise.  It was an exciting, passionate and thrilling ending to this mysterious and enchanting journey.

The story is told from Gwynn’s perspective and it is a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole.  Over the course of the previous novels, Rogue’s Pawn and Rogue’s Possession, Gwynn finds herself growing more powerful, more attracted and attuned to Rogue, and more self-aware as well as more wary of everyone around her.  But with that, she also finds herself under the watchful eye of Titania, who seeks to destroy her.  Without giving anything away, Rogue’s Paradise is the final for many battles: Will Gwynn tie herself to Rogue (can she trust him)? Will Gwynn be able to thwart the evil plans of Titania? Will Gwynn ever find her home?  All these questions, battles if you will, are answered.  Although there are some lingering questions I have, the ending was entirely satisfying.

Ms. Kennedy left herself room to revisit this world and tell other stories.  I certainly hope she does.  There are so many characters that I adored: Starling, Athena, Darling and Walt.  I would love to know what happens to them.  Not to mention, what happens to the dragons and the eggs that were returned?  There are also questions on what happened with Fergus and Blackbird.  Plus, I cannot help but wonder over the future of Rogue and Gwynn.

I think what I love most about this series is the voice.  The writing of the Covenant of Thorns truly mesmerizes.  The way the descriptions of the world, the action and dialogue are seamlessly woven together makes it easy to find yourself lost in the world.  It is why I inhaled all three books.  They are difficult to put down simply because it is easy to be so completely immersed in the world of Faerie with the different rules, the way the magic works, not to mention the scientific mind of Gwynn puzzling over the magic.  Watching and experiencing along with Gwynn, some of the final mysteries of Faerie is mesmerizing.  I just loved it.  As passionate as the previous two novels were, it was mostly tension.  This time, Rogue and Gwynn were free to explore the attraction between them and boy did they!  Their romance was hotly passionate and yet deeply emotional.  This final dance between them was gripping with the intimacies and the intrigues.

Rogue’s Paradise is a rich and thrilling ending to the Covenant of Thorns trilogy.  I can see myself rereading this series in the future, revisiting this beguiling world and the beloved characters.  The happily ever after for Rogue and Gwynn was hard fought and quite satisfying.  With the few open threads and much loved supporting characters, I hope that Ms. Kennedy will revisit this world and tell other stories.

My Rating:  A, Loved It
Series Rating:  A+, Personal Favorite


About the Book:

Pregnant, possessed, and in love with a man I don’t dare to trust—those are the consequences of the risks I took to save my life. But Faerie, the land of blood and magic, is filled with bitter ironies, and the bargains I made now threaten me and my unborn child.

The darkly sensual fae noble Rogue still tempts me to danger and desire. As we await the birth of our child, I’ve been forced to question whether our offspring is part of a bargain Rogue once made to save himself. He can’t tell me the truth due to a spell the vicious Queen Titania has him under. Would he betray our family against his will? Could I ever forgive him if he does?

Rogue insists on an eternal commitment from me, even as Titania’s forces close in on us. I don’t know if Rogue and I can withstand her onslaught, or that of the beast within me. But I will not stop looking for answers—even if it brings the walls of Faerie crashing down.

Release Date: September 8, 2014
Carina Press
Covenant of Thorns #3
Genre: Fantasy Romance
E-book, audiobook
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