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Here’s what VampBard’s Talking About:

Author Kallysten is repeating her Shades of Pink anthology. As a fundraiser for breast cancer research, the 2013 anthology raised over $10,000. She’s hoping to meet that total again this year, and I’m hoping we beat it! Twenty-two authors have included short stories ranging from sweet to spicy. The anthology is our gift to those that donate towards breast cancer research. You can go HERE to donate. Your confirmation email will contain a link and a code to download your copy of Shades of Pink 2014.

Nope. I didn’t shift pronouns up there. I’m one of the authors for this year’s anthology. This is the first time I’ve had something published outside of the hallowed walls of some fine educational institution. I decided to become involved with Shades of Pink 2014 because cancer research is near and dear to my heart. I’ve lost some fabulous friends to this disease; I’m sure we all have. But it goes deeper than that. My husband is a cancer survivor, and if one type of cancer can be cured, there’s a chance for other forms to be obliterated. The treatments were insane, and made him so ill. The lasting effects are a constant reminder that I’m so lucky to have him with me – loving me in a way that enriches my soul and builds me up. He’s allowed and encouraged me to pursue my love of words with not only his affirmation, but by cleaning the house, doing the laundry, grocery shopping… all the little things that take away from writing time.

About the book:

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last year, the first Shades of Pink event raised over $10,000 through more than 1300 donations.

For our second year, 22 authors have allied for 1 cause: fundraising for research. Their gift to everyone who makes a donation? A romance anthology (ebook) titled Shades of Pink (volume 2), totaling almost 150,000 words / about 400 pages as a PDF.

The suggested donation is $5. Funds are raised via and all proceeds go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Readers can also donate to the charity organization of their choice (with a focus on breast cancer) and email their receipt to receive their copy of the anthology in either PDF, ePub or mobi (kindle).

Who: Catherine Bowman, Mitzi Calderone, Vivien Dean, JJ and TA Ellis, Sabrina Garie, Nina Day Gerard, T. Hammond, Susan Harris, Laura Hunsaker, Kallysten, Amara Lebel, Alicia J. Love, Deelylah Mullin, C. Deanne Rowe, Cynthia Sax, DJ Shaw, Alice Stark, Ashley Suzanne, Gill Taber, Natasza Waters, Zoe York, Angela Yseult

When: Now through November 15th.

What: 22 short stories, including…

  • 4 paranormal, 1 sci-fi, 11 contemporary, 1 historical, 2 military, 3 BDSM, 2 YA (some stories have more than one genre)
  • 3 spicy (ménage or kink), 7 sexy (explicit sex scenes), 12 sweet (no sex)
  • A couple of vampires, about three dozen humans including soldiers, geeks, teachers, librarians, writers, survivors, bosses, rock stars, teens, mages, wives, husbands and fiancés, 1 succubus, 1 genie, a few aliens, some werewolves and other shifters.
  • Pink, pink and more pink, including tattoos, plenty of flowers, precious stones, jewelry, a bookmark, a drawing, ropes, lingerie, a car, a bag, a vase, various clothes, an anteater and a squirrel.

Where: Kallysten’s blog

Here you’ll find links to teasers for the stories, interviews of the authors and blog posts during all of October, a FAQ, and of course the link where you can donate and help this worthy cause.

And now for a treat… here is an excerpt from The Wordsmith, one of the stories in Shades of Pink 2014, and the first published romance title from our VERY OWN VAMPBARD (aka Deelylah Mullin)!

About The Wordsmith:

When the demons of the past and the pleasures of the present collide, Danielle Rollins is firmly caught between her two realities. Toss in a hot foreign bartender, a creative Dominant husband, and pink latex? A world of uncertainty, unerring trust, and most of all, love between a husband and wife conquer all.


“Dani!” Karl called from down the concourse. I turned toward him, and my feet moved of their own volition, propelling me toward my husband.

We met near the main entrance to the room where my twenty-five year class reunion was being held. Karl pulled me into his arm, burying his face in my hair. “You smoked.” He chuckled, before easing back and kissing me passionately. “You’re drinking gimlets, too. How many?”

“I’m on my first. Second. Second gimlet, first with a decent vodka.” A smile spread across my face. “I missed you. Do you need to freshen up? The bag you asked me to pack is in the room.”

“I’m fine. We’re not staying forever, right?” he stroked his thumb over my lower lip and down my neck.

“Probably not. I just have to shock about one-hundred and ten people.”

“They have no clue, do they? Poor bastards. That’ll teach ‘em to be mean.”

I just shook my head. Karl Rollins was my biggest champion. My rock. The one person in this crazy world that truly knew me. He knew my hopes, dreams, doubts, and fears. He could also soothe every raw nerve in my body. I wasn’t sure how he did it, but he managed.

He picked up the black leather messenger bag I hadn’t seen him drop at his side, and wrapped his arm around my waist. “I’m ready for a drink, babe. The drive from Metro was hell.”

Michael turned from the person he’d finished serving and looked directly into my eyes. “This must be your husband,” he turned to Karl and very directly said, “You are a very fortunate man. Danielle is beautiful, and if she’d given me any indication she was interested, she could have had me,” he tipped his head and smirked, “Could still have me, if she chose to.”

Karl’s hand ran from my nape slowly down my back and caressed my hip possessively. “If she chose to have you, it would be me that would request your presence,” Karl winked as he playfully smacked my bottom.

Michael’s jaw dropped, but then his eyes met mine with an intensity that hadn’t been there before, when I was a mere conquest. His gaze returned to Karl, “I can appreciate your direct approach, sir. I’ll be here until the end of the night, making drinks.” Michael slid another gimlet my way. “And what can I get for you, sir?”

“Can I get a scotch on the rocks?”

“Certainly.” Michael quickly filled a glass with ice, then poured the amber liquid over the symmetrical cubes. He handed the glass to Michael, along with a folded cocktail napkin.

Karl pocketed the napkin, which contained Michael’s phone number, and we meandered toward our table. This time, we were stopped several times. I introduced my husband to every group we encountered. It wasn’t until the third time we were stopped by a clique of my former classmates that anyone had figured it out. Or had the balls to speak up.

Melissa Simms – at least that was her maiden name – blurt out, “Are you Danielle Rollins? The romance author?”

Guilty as charged.

About the author:

Deelylah Mullin lives in Michigan with her wonderful husband, a household with six progeny in various stages of growing up, and three crazy cats. As an English teacher, she enjoys sharing her love of the written word with at-risk youth. When not writing, editing for fabulous authors, or reading, she enjoys drawing and painting, as well as music in all forms. You can find Deelylah online:

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    • Deelylah Mullin

      Thanks for letting me share, Jen! I am really behind cancer research, in all forms. I’m so glad Kallysten put this together again this year – I’d found out last year about the first antho, and really wanted to be a part of it. And, it was a great way for me to tell Danielle & Karl’s story 🙂 xoxo