Review: Sweet Harmony by LuAnn McLane

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Sweet Harmony
LuAnn McLane
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

I completely enjoyed Sweet Harmony by LuAnne McLane. It was a fun, sweet, romantic read, perfect for sitting by the pool or for reading on a cool rainy fall afternoon with a cup of cocoa. As usual Cricket Creek did not fail to welcome me to their small, sweet southern town complete with quirky and interesting characters.

This episode in Cricket Creek revolves around Cat Carson and Jeff Greenfield, both country music stars who are thrown together from the moment Cat pulls into Cricket Creek from Nashville. Their banter is funny, Cat’s clumsy tendencies and Jeff’s old school southern boy charm as he rescues her is perfect.  Their chemistry intense right from the start so watching them fight it makes for a fast paced story line you can’t help but keep turning the pages. It was interesting watching them both grow and figure out who they were in connection to each other and their careers, ultimately learning that with the right effort you can have it all: love, a sense of self, and a successful career.

As is typical of Ms. McLane we had a second set of characters, Maria and Pete, not in the twenty something set that were also a strong part of the story. The pair, who after years of being apart, are trying to reconnect and learn to trust and love each other again. Those who have read my past reviews of the Cricket Creek series know that my biggest complaint with Ms. McLane’s novels has been that the second story line ends up getting hurried or even buried for the sake of the twenty somethings. So I am thrilled to say that that issue was resolved in Sweet Harmony!!  For the first time you aren’t left wondering, and it was fabulous!!

All in all, I’d give this novel a solid A- My only issues were tiny, like the constant song and music references, which felt a bit over the top for me. Also, I tend to think in song lyrics and the alternation of the names was a bit much, but really those things are tiny and likely only grated on me because of my sleep deprived brain is a tad over sensitive. As I mentioned earlier, the novel was fun, sweet and romantic: a prefect read for a fall afternoon, even if you’ve never visited Cricket Creek before.

My Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot


About the Book:

Cricket Creek, Kentucky, is no Nashville—it’s a sweet, small town outside the big-city limelight. But here, two headstrong country music stars will need to rely on their Southern roots and explosive chemistry to top the charts together.

When Cat Carson drops her record label and signs with an independent label based in Cricket Creek, it’s a huge upset in the music world. But the residents of Cricket Creek are thrilled to have a real country music star in their midst. Everyone except Jeff Greenfield, that is—a local rising star himself, who’s been asked to record a duet with the stunning beauty.

Jeff grew up on a farm, but his smooth, soulful country style is starting to get him noticed outside Cricket Creek. And while a duet with Cat Carson could send his career skyrocketing, he doesn’t want to lose touch with his roots—or lose his head. Because sparks are flying every time he and Cat hit the studio. And it’s more than a little distracting

Release Date: October 7, 2014
Cricket Creek #7
ISBN: #978-0451470485
Contemporary Romance
paperback (304 pages), e-book
Book Source: Publisher

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Sweet Harmony (Cricket Creek #7)

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