Review: The Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey

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The Bloodbound
Author: Erin Lindsey
Gikany & Una
Rating: A-

What We’re Talking About:

The Bloodbound is the first novel in the new Bloodbound series. Author Erin Lindsay, aka E.L. Tettensor the author of Darkwalker, is one we both enjoy, so when we saw that Tettensor was branching out into fantasy, we requested the opportunity to review this new series. We were not disappointed!

The world of The Bloodbound is an interesting place. The world-building is done slowly and woven throughout the plot of the novel. Although we do not learn everything about the world by the end of the novel, we were able to glean enough to be grounded in this new world. We wonder what more we will learn in the upcoming novels about this world, the people, and the magic that some possess.

Though there is a love triangle in this novel, it is not nearly as balanced as it seems. Though Gikany and Una disagreed on who they thought would have been the better choice for Alix, we were both satisfied by the ending. Alix is a very interesting woman with an astonishingly deep sense of loyalty. We enjoyed her character immensely. Aric and Liam were also quite fascinating characters, each compelling in his own way. In fact, all the supporting characters found their ways into our hearts.

The way the story is woven, we were slowly drawn into the world and the plight of Aric’s small army as they fought to save king and kingdom from treachery and invaders. Though the plot moves slowly, it is not without action. Akin to a great chess match, we watch and wait as the pieces are slowly moved into place for the final confrontation. But everything does not go as you may think. We enjoyed the subtle politics, the action, the stealth, and the strategizing all woven with the love story.

Tomald, Aric’s brother, is one character we felt that was lacking. Gikany and Una felt that his character was not fleshed out enough. As the main foe of the king, we expected more from him in the final confrontation. Tomald was overly practical and seemingly unemotional. It struck an off-chord to us.

All in all, we enjoyed The Bloodbound, and this new fantasy world. It was a wonderful change of pace in what we had been reading and look forward to more in this world. If you enjoy fantasy, a novel well balanced between the romance and the action/adventure of war, then you might just want to jump into this new world.

Our Rating: A- Enjoyed It



About the Book:

Of all those in the King of Alden’s retinue, the bloodbinders are the most prized. The magic they wield can forge invaluable weapons, ones that make soldiers like Lady Alix Black unerringly lethal. However, the bloodbinders’ powers can do so much more—and so much worse…

A cunning and impetuous scout, Alix only wishes to serve quietly on the edges of the action. But when the king is betrayed by his own brother and left to die at the hands of attacking Oridian forces, she winds up single-handedly saving her sovereign.

Suddenly, she is head of the king’s personal guard, an honor made all the more dubious by the king’s exile from his own court. Surrounded by enemies, Alix must help him reclaim his crown, all the while attempting to repel the relentless tide of invaders led by the Priest, most feared of Oridia’s lords.

But while Alix’s king commands her duty, both he and a fellow scout lay claim to her heart. And when the time comes, she may need to choose between the two men who need her most…

Release Date: September 30, 2014
The Bloodbound #1
ISBN: #978-0425272688
Paperback (368 pages), e-book
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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The Bloodbound (The Bloodbound #1)

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