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Saturday Conversations

November 2014 Summary

Back at the beginning of the new year, I listed my 2014 reading and blogging goals. I plan to post monthly updates on my goals as one of my Saturday Conversation posts near the end/beginning of each month.

  1. GoodReads Reading Challenge… 100 Books.
    In November 2014 I finished 10 books:
    Book #103: What a Woman Gets by Judi Fennell (November 1, 2014)
    Book #104: Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs (November 4, 2014) – Audiobook
    Book #105: The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter (November 8, 2014)
    Book #106: I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas by Molly Harper (November 10, 2014)
    Book #107: Fair Game by Patricia Briggs (November 10, 2014) – Audiobook
    Book #108: Night Shift anthology (November 16, 2014)
    Book #109: Written in Red by Anne Bishop (November 19, 2014) – Audiobook
    Book #110: On a Rogue Planet by Anna Hackett (November 20, 2014)
    Book #111: Revenant by Larissa Ione (November 26, 2014)
    Book #112: Her Holiday Man by Shannon Stacey (November 29, 2014)

    November was a slower month for me. I think the biggest reason is that the Anne Bishop audiobooks are massive, taking almost twice as much time to finish as most of the others I’ve listened to prior. However, I have completed over 100 books already, so no worries!
  2. Reading books off of my TRB pile instead of picking up new-to-me authors and series.
    I didn’t knock off any TRB’s this month, and I bought new books. Eep! I totally failed at this goal during November.
  3. Featuring more LGBTQ authors and books on the blog.
    In November 2014, we featured three reviews and two blog tour spotlights.
  4. Spending more time reading and less time tweaking the blog.
    I have been spending more time blogging lately, in preparation of my big holiday event next month. You’ll see more of that soon! This is normal and expected for this time of year, and I don’t feel like my reading was “neglected” because of blog work.
  5. Opening up Sunday Snippets to authors as a chance to spotlight his/her work.
    This has REALLY taken off! All Sunday Snippets in November were submitted directly by the authors and/or publicists, and we are currently booked up all the way through January!
  6. Continue Saturday Conversations Posts, but open them up.
    As I wrote in my post dated March 15, 2014, I’m dropping the weekly Saturday Conversations post. Other than my monthly update, there are no Saturday Conversations for now. However starting next year I’ve got a fun new Saturday feature I’ll be unveiling. Details coming soon!


I’ve also been participating in the #BookBlogWalkers challenge hosted by Felicia The Geeky Blogger. I do weekly updates on this goal HERE, but I’ll also do monthly updates with my monthly goal updates.

My fitness goal for November was continue moving with purpose for 30 minutes for at least 5 days per week, with no more than 1 day off per week, with the addition of walking/jogging when I can (1 or 2 times/week). I’ve also joined one “fitness challenge” on LoseIt! for November to track my food and exercise for every day in November

I did record and track all the food and exercise. I also made my goal of walking/moving with purpose each week, with no more than one day off per week. While I’ve been doing some jogging, I didn’t always do it each week. But I’m okay with that. I suffered from a cold for two weeks and just took it easy. I’m getting out and moving, and that is the important thing. And I did a Turkey Trot jog/walk 5K with my family on Thanksgiving!!

The big news is that the reached my goal weight and have maintained it for over eight weeks now!

Coming up for December, I plan to continue my goal of walking/moving 30 minutes/day for a minimum of five days per week with only one day off per week, with the addition of walking/jogging when I can. I also plan to continue to track my food. I hope to keep it going as the weather starts to turn colder. At least there will be skiing soon!

So how did YOUR November go? Did you accomplish any goals? Did you set any new ones? Did you read a great book?

Thanks for stopping by to chat!


3 responses to “Saturday Conversations: 2014 Goals November Update

  1. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    As of today I’m 3 books away from my 165 Goodreads goal. Thank goodness for audiobook!

    • That’s awesome! I’m already thinking about next year – wondering if I should have a goal for print/ebooks and a goal for audiobook, or just one combined.

      • Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

        Well that’s where the audio book challenge comes in. LOL Details posting 12/17.