Mistletoe Madness 2014: Shiloh Walker

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Today’s Mistletoe Madness author is…

Shiloh Walker

Book: Edged Blade
Release Date: February 2015
Publisher: self-published

Kit Colbana’s to do list:

I was five seconds from going out the door when my phone chimed.  I shot the message a quick look and immediately wished I hadn’t.

The message made me want to kick the door, but it was solid metal and would do me more damage than I’d do it.

Don’t forget the party.

Just as I was about ready to shove it in my pocket, another message came through.

Write it down.

I blew out a breath and strode back into the kitchen. The party was still a week away, but Damon was right.  I needed to get stuff done or I’d end up walking in there looking like a wreck–not like the lover of the Clan’s Alpha.  I snagged the first pad of paper that came to hand and had to roll my eyes.  It was a pad of holiday notepaper, adorned with snowmen and Christmas trees.  A gift from Colleen.

It had a note at the top that made me curse a blue streak.  Arrows.  I needed to call Charnel about arrows.  I tucked that into my list of things to do once I headed out the door and then hurried dashed down everything thing else, including a mental reminder to see what the wolfpack Alpha had been calling about at ten o’clock last night.

Sparkly dress…I didn’t own a sparkly dress.  I needed to buy Damon a gift, too. Shit.

Man…the holidays had been easier before I had people involved in my life.

Lonelier, yeah.  But easier.

Kit's To-Do list

About the Book:

EdgedBladeDraft4In the year since her life was torn apart, Kit Colbana has slowly rebuilt herself. There’s a promise of hope in the relationship with the alpha of the local shapeshifters and she no longer comes screaming into wakefulness. Life’s not perfect but then again, when was it ever?

When her best friend Justin comes to her for help, there’s little question as to what her answer will be. Witches are disappearing and Justin won’t rest until he has answers. Soon, they learn that it’s not just witches who’ve gone missing, but vampires and shifters, too.

Unlikely alliances are forged as Kit and Justin found themselves drawn into a twisted web of lies and betrayal. As the clock counts down and the culprit behind recent disappearances is revealed, those Kit loves the most become the target of somebody who will kill to protect an ugly secret.

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8 responses to “Mistletoe Madness 2014: Shiloh Walker

  1. Marcela aka Bookaholic Cat

    I love the “get a tree and make Damon decorate it”. LOL That’s so Kit!
    I can’t wait to read this book.

  2. Melanie Simmons

    I love this series. I need more Kit soon. I’m with Marcela, “get a tree, Make Damon decorate it” is hilarious. Though, for me, I don’t mind decorating, I just hate to take it down. Decorating is fun, taking down, not so much. 🙂

  3. Jess1

    Have the first two books of the series in my TBR pile on my Kindle. So many books, so little time.