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The Darkling Lord
Shona Husk
Gikany & Una
Rating: A-

What We’re Talking About:

After the conclusion of the last novel, To Love a King, Gikany and Una didn’t know what to expect.  The Darkling Lord was a fascinating surprise and an intriguing beginning for both worlds now that winter has ended in Annwyn.

In this novel we follow Darah, a forgiven shadow servant and loyal court fairy to Felan, the new king of Annwyn.  Her whole life has been consumed with earning a post on the King’s Council.  If she completes this mission for Felan, she’ll achieve her long fought-for dream.  But the mission, spying on the darkling in the mortal world, may prove to be more difficult that she ever imagined. Henry isn’t like most darklings.  Although he does have to take a new soul every year on his birthday to survive, he has learned that the guilt for killing a human is high.  After the devastation that the war for the throne has wrought in the human realm, Henry is working at helping to rebuild the city of Detroit from the devastation caused by winter in Annwyn.  The main issue that Felan has with Henry is that many greys have flocked to him.  Henry gives them purpose and a feeling of belonging to a Court again.  When Darah shows up, Henry knows she is a spy for Felan, but the draw of having a woman who is at no risk of losing a soul to him is too much to resist.

We enjoyed Darah and Henry’s dance.  Their romance was a journey of individual personal growth.  Darah, being a true court fairy, views love as an ultimate weakness and a vulnerability that leaves you open to attack.  Henry, being raised in the mortal world, doesn’t understand the fear Darah has and does not recognize the gestures of burgeoning live that Darah expresses. Their story was captivating and unique.

Through The Darkling Lord we see Felan as King. He is unique among fairies, and the opposite of his power hungry mother.  We respect him and like the changes he is instigating and inspiring. We look forward to seeing more.

The Court of Annwyn series is a very different take on paranormal romance, one we enjoy. It has a very strong backbone of reality and it is refreshing in this character driven paranormal romance. If you haven’t picked it up, please do and we hope you enjoy Darah and Henry story as well.

Our Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot


About the Book:

A darkling with a lust for power…

Henry Saint shouldn’t exist. Every year on his birthday, he kills someone and takes their soul so that he may live another year. He is a darkling, not fairy… but not human either. Yet he is bound by the laws of both worlds. With a new King on the throne of Annwyn and the mortal world trying to rebuild after plagues killed so many, Henry seizes the opportunity to carve out a place of his own. He wants Detroit. 

A spy without a soul…

Darah was Felan’s spy before he became King of Annwyn. Now he has one last mission for her. He wants her to join the darkling’s Court and discover what Henry’s endgame is. No one trusts the Banished when they gather in great numbers. As Darah gets drawn into Henry’s world she realizes he can give her the one thing she could never find in Annwyn—love. But is love worth betraying her King?

Release Date: March 19, 2015
Court of Annwyn #4 / Court of the Banished #1
Paranormal Romance
Paperback (219 pages), e-book
Book Source: NetGalley

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The Darkling Lord (Court of Annwyn #4)

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