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From the Author:

Hello and thank you for joining me as I bid a fond farewell to Ty and Zane on the Crash & Burn virtual tour! For the next five days, join me on my virtual stops to help me say goodbye to the Cut & Run series with cut scenes, playlists, behind the scenes looks at the process of writing this last book, and a peek at the original plan for the series and the twists and turns it took on its journey to the end.

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B.’s Review: so often, I’ve been lucky enough to find a book, author, or series that gets so far under my skin and into my heart that I can’t imagine how I ever existed without it/them. These stories are the ones I purchase in paperback or hard cover (if available) as well as digital. They’re the ones that are given places of prominence and permanence on the bookshelves around my desk, so that they’ll be handy when I need to feel closer to the characters for some reason or relive a particular scene. The ones it’s completely okay, and sometimes necessary, to lose sleep over. The Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux has been among the foremost of that group of books since it was first suggested to me several years ago. The final book in the series, Crash & Burn, reinforces each one of the reasons for that opinion all over again and then some.

In the interest of trying not to ruin the story, this review will be as spoiler-free as possible. Crash & Burn covers a tremendous amount of ground, tying up loose ends and answering questions that have been building throughout the series. While there was a great deal of clarity provided during the course of the narrative, I was utterly blindsided by other revelations (a fact that already has me twitchy to reread the entire series from the beginning with this new perspective). I believe it is a testament to the author’s abilities that, after nine books and multiple rereads of each, I was still caught unaware by some of the events that unfolded.

Ms. Roux is an excellent writer. Ty and Zane’s world is a dangerous one, and anyone who follows the series will likely expect that the shifting from light to darkness and back again will sometimes be extreme and often difficult. Ms. Roux has long demonstrated a knack for torturing her readers by torturing her characters, and spared no one in this latest story. It was both unbearable and glorious, all at once.

Although Ty and Zane have been striving for a solid and contented future together for a good while now, they seem more complex and vibrant to me than ever here, time and circumstance having shaped them into two sides of a blade that’s been perfectly honed, rather than a surface worn smooth. Their journey has been anything but the latter. Still, despite the battles they face in Crash & Burn, Ty and Zane manage to share moments of brutal and voracious intimacy, as well as sweeter interludes that are achingly tender. They have scrapped and clawed for every bit of happiness they have, and never more so than in this story. I can’t think of a pairing in the genre that deserves it more.

Crash & Burn was a treat in other ways, as well, particularly because of all the other characters who returned to play a part in the narrative. There were quite a few surprise appearances, either by mention or participation, which I was extremely happy to see. Though it was wonderful to touch base with all of them, I admit that I do have my favorites. Not to discount any of the other remarkable characters Ms. Roux has created, but Mara and Chester Grady get a special recognition here for their consistently enjoyable presence throughout much of the series. I love Mara Grady. Chester, too. Love them. I’d also pay good money for a transcript of the first few discussions between Mara and Beverly that were referenced a little later in the story.

With Crash & Burn, the Cut & Run series has come to an end. And, yes, I cried. This series has simply meant something different to me than many others have. Something more. In addition to the books themselves, Ms. Roux’s generosity with her characters, time, and self throughout has been a unique and rare gift. Ty and Zane deserve their happy ending, and I don’t see how it could have been done any better than it was in Crash & Burn. This story hurt in places. Terribly so. But, it was also thrilling, and funny, and absolutely lovely in all the right ways, too. I can’t possibly ask for more than that. The space that Ty and Zane have claimed in my heart and soul will always be theirs.

In closing, I’d like to say a personal thank you to Ms. Roux for a world I’ve loved getting lost in, for characters who stayed with me long after the last page of every book, for two of the best heroes to ever come to life through words, and for what is one of the finest and most extraordinary series I’ve had the pleasure to read.

My Rating:  A+ Personal Favorite


About the Book:

It’s been five years since Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett first worked together to solve the Tri-State murders, and time has been both harsh and kind. Engaged now, they face the challenge of planning a deeply uncertain future together. Zane is at the pinnacle of his career with one last mystery to solve, while Ty is at sea in a world where he’s no longer the tip of a spear.

There’s just one more hurdle in the way of their happy ever after: a traitor from their inner circle who threatens to burn their world to the ground.

Squeezed between the Vega cartel, an unknown mole, and too many alphabet agencies to count, Ty and Zane must gather all their strength and resources to beat the longest odds they’ve ever faced. To make it out alive, they’ll need help from every friend they’ve got. Even the friends who might betray their trust.

Release Date: March 30, 2015
Riptide Publishing
Cut & Run #9
ISBN: #978-1626492035
LGBTQ, m/m, Contemporary Romance, Military Suspense
paperback (419 pages), e-book
Review Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

Purchase Info:
Crash & Burn (Cut & Run #9)

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About Abigail Roux:

Abigail Roux was born and raised in North Carolina. A past volleyball star who specializes in sarcasm and painful historical accuracy, she currently spends her time coaching high school volleyball and investigating the mysteries of single motherhood. Any spare time is spent living and dying with every Atlanta Braves and Carolina Panthers game of the year.

Abigail has a daughter, Little Roux, who is the light of her life, a boxer, four rescued cats who play an ongoing live-action variation of Call of Duty throughout the house, a certifiable extended family down the road, and a cast of thousands in her head.

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112 responses to “Blog Tour + Review: Crash & Burn by Abigail Roux

  1. Melanie Simmons

    I’ve bought this book, but now i need to find time to read it. I’ve loved Ty and Zane since book one. They are still one of my favorite M/M couples. Great review.

  2. Sue Kesby

    I’ve found it hard enough to wait between books for the next, what am I going to do now that the series is ended? I can’t thank Abi enough for this perfect pairing of friends and lovers, who deserve so much – sad though I was to lose one character I was particularly fond of, and the grief it will cause another. A wonderful, exciting, intelligent book.

  3. Angie

    This series is the first series in a long time where I’ve felt the need to buy the paperbacks as well as digital versions. I’m still buying them slowly until I have them all, because I simply need them on my shelf!! Amazing series, amazing finale!

  4. Nora

    I really enjoy these characters and I’m so glad they will continue on even though the main character story is done.

  5. Joana Aleixo

    Great review! I cried A LOT reading this book too. I’ll never get over it. Cut & Run series will be one that’ll keep rereading forever.

  6. Debra E

    Nice review! Such a strong series from start to finish and holds up great on the re-read. Now that it’s over I’m planning to start all over again.

  7. ClownsTasteFunny

    Great review! After I let myself “settle” a little, I plan to read the whole series again. I can’t wait to see if I can pick out any more clues that lead to the revelations in the end!

  8. Oh! I really need to get back to this series! It came highly recommended but the first book was ruined for me with the awful interpretation by the narrator, all I’ll kept picturing was old cops with big bellies…LOL.
    They did switched the narrator, so I think I will give it another go 🙂

    • B.

      They did change narrators after the second book. The last three are considerably different, I thought. I liked both, for different reasons, but hope you’ll like the second one better! It’s such a great series. I hope you get to try it again! Thank you!

  9. Kura

    I’m totally loving this book, just like all the former ones! Aby, you’re a genius ♥
    Thanks for sharing this review! 🙂

  10. I was just thinking the other day about how annoyed I had been through the first handful of books. Ty was described as such a good guy, so talented, loyal, always doing the right thing. And as it turns out, he wound up having some pretty big faults and one gigantic blindspot. It was interesting to see Ty come to terms with that in this book. It also made me appreciate the series more.

    BTW great review. 🙂

  11. Marcy Shane

    Love the C&R series and Crash & Burn is a fantastic HEA to this wonderful series!
    Ty & Zane will always remain as one of my favourite OTP’s! Sad for it to be over..thankfully I still have Sidewinder to look forward too. Phew!! Thank you Abi, for these great books. Anxiously awaiting Part & Parcel!! 😀

  12. natalie

    so many gr3eat moments in this book. that made me laugh and want to cry. but i lvoed every moment of it 😀

  13. tarrinatopaz

    I laughed, I cried, maybe there was a slight meltdown in there somewhere. I loved it.

  14. Jayme

    Ty and Zane will always be number 1 in my heart. I loved everything about this series and I’m sad to see it end.

  15. Viv

    Loved your review and I agree 100%. Ty and Zane are very special and I loved Crash & Burn. Just started listening to Cut & Run again. I hope that some day all of the books will be audiobooks!

    • B.

      Last I heard, more audiobooks are still in the works. I hope so! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Cookie C

    I agree with everything you’ve said- this series is special. Some days I’m even convinced that Ty and Zane are real and hidden away in Abi’s basement somewhere. I’m sad it’s over, but she really sent them out in style.

  17. Nadine

    Thank you, abi for introducing such great guys to all of us! You made our lives happier and sadder and funnier and angrier while reading your books ^-^
    Thank you!

  18. Susan Folwell-Hastings

    Amazing. Perfect. Fitting. I physically mourned the finale of a wonderful series. Ty and Zane walked a broken road of bones and fire and cave in’s, and came out kicking. Wonderful stuff. Thank you Abi.

  19. Lot De Bonte

    I love all the great reviews for this book. Ty and Zane, and Abi, deserve nothing less.

  20. Kate B.

    Crash & Burn was a great end to a fantastic series. It was a great send off for the boys. Thank you Abi!

  21. Crissy M

    This entire series is one that I have loved for years… I’m so sad to see Ty and Zane go… but what a way to go… It’s the perfect finale 🙂

  22. Susan Cosnick

    All praise goes to Abi for such a wonderful series full of unforgettable characters that we will love for many years to come.

  23. Christine D.

    I loved this series so much…my favorite! After reading Crash and Burn, I went back and am starting the series over at the beginning.

  24. Grace

    I love this series so much. Thank you, Abi, for creating something that has become such an important part of my life.

  25. Lisa Guertin

    I’m with you, I need to go back and do a complete re-read of the series now to see how many things I missed the first or second time.

  26. Ed Vos

    After months of waiting, finished the book in one sitting. Now I’ll re-read and take things slow, and enjoy the slow burn to the end…

  27. Aija

    As per usual, to heal my wounds and satisfy my craving for more, I’m gonna go back where it all started in Cut & Run 🙂 Can’t wait till all the books get rereleased from Riptide!

  28. Becky

    The review says a lot about how I feel about Ty, Zane, and the C&R
    series. T&Z are brilliantly written along with the other characters that were brought to life. I loved the last book and yes, I want to do a re-read too
    after all the revelations! Thanks again Abi!

  29. Danielle Cathleen

    Love this series so much and I can’t wait to see what happened with Nickles in the Sidewinder series.

  30. Laurie P

    I think I’ll do the same now, purchase the hard copies to keep in my library.

  31. Jbst

    So sad to see the end, but the final book sounds like the perfect ending for the series.

  32. Kristen

    I’m still reeling over this being the last book, but I don’t think it could have ended in a better way! ♥

  33. Vickie

    I’m really going to miss Ty and Zane. This series has brought me so much joy and unexpected friendships. So grateful for it.

  34. Christy Yokum

    I am not sure I can explain to you how entangled Ty and Zane have become in my everyday life. I see a tiger and think Ty would probably want to hug it. I immediately think of Zane every time I see an anchor. I laugh at their puns and cry when they experience heartbreak. They quickly became my favorite fictional characters. Ever. Knowing their story is over is bittersweet.

  35. Casey Wolfe

    I’ve fallen in love with Ty and Zane. I’m so excited to read this final installment. Unfortunately I’m still playing catch up with the series as I was late to the game. But it’s been an incredible journey, that’s for sure!

  36. Amy Schaffer

    I don’t know what I’m going to do without another Ty & Zane book. I really hope we do get to see them….and a couple of other characters in Abi’s future works.

  37. alohahelper

    So sorry to see the end of the series, but this action-packed book was a very fitting conclusion that tied up a lot of loose ends. Thank you Abi!

  38. Lira

    I’m really glad that Ty and Zane finally managed to get their happy ending. They deserved it so much.

  39. Heather York

    So sorry to see it end but they will live forever in our hearts and our personal libraries.

  40. Viviana Guerra

    Will forever love Ty and Zane. Loved your review. And I’m the same. I had to have the paperbacks along with the digitalis just so I could go back and read certain scenes when I want.

  41. Leah K.

    I’m so sad to see this series end, but it was the perfect close, and I look forward to so much more from Abi in the future.

  42. Tammy Jones

    This series was so much fun to read. I’m sorry to see it end but I loved how Abi ended it.

  43. Rachel

    This series is one of the best I’ve read and it’s sad to see them go. The book was absolutely awesome with a few moments where my heart just dropped. Now its time to go back and re-read.

  44. Barbra

    I haven’t had time to read it either and these great reviews are killing me. Of course I knew it would be great! 🙂

  45. Jessica C

    I drove myself crazy waiting for this book. Both anxious to have it and dreading the end of my favorite series. And now that it’s over I sit here numb and shocked, and yet pleasantly warm inside. Just. a perfect end to an amazing series. Abi is a goddess of an author.

  46. Mia Mastro

    I feel like I’m losing friends. At least there is always the re-read, and this series will be re-read again and again

  47. Sarah

    This series now that I have all the ebooks I am going to go back and buy all the beautiful paperbacks to add to my shelf. Love this series so much!! Fantastic review!

  48. Waxapplelover

    Amazing review. It’s great to hear that there will be surprise appearances and tying up of loose ends.

    Waxapplelover (at) gmail (dot) com

  49. Jen CW

    I am rereading the whole series again. I love this series and I’m so glad that the finally get their HEA. Your review was great.

  50. Rachel C.

    This review is awesome!! This series grabbed me and refused to let go when I started reading it and each installment has touched me more and more. It’s hard to say goodbye when you love a series and characters so much,but this was a wonderful farewell.

  51. Madison White

    I don’t even know what to do with myself now that this is the end. I know I’ll get to see Nick and Kelly again with the Sidewinder series, and I’m excited about that. But I’ll still miss Ty and Zane!

  52. Mandy

    I don’t know if I can read it yet, because I can’t stand to say goodbye to Ty and Zane yet! I might have to reread the rest of the books first.

  53. Emily

    Reading this now and can’t breathe- never mind put it down!! Please don’t end the series!!

  54. Lusty17

    Awesome review B! Thank you for sharing! I am still reading. 😀 Wanting to savor every moment of our last story of the boys!
    Hope you are doing well lady!

    • B.

      Thank you, K!! Let me know when you’re done? I’d love to get some of us together to discuss it. I’m going a lot slower on the reread, making sure I don’t miss a single thing. Hope you’re doing okay, too! <3 <3

  55. Michelle Springer

    I agree, A+! C&R got under my skin too, and a lot of others, and Abi did an amazing job of bringing the series to a close.

  56. jxdevil

    love it love it im just wating 4 it 2 get here hope it as good as all ur books love u love ur books and will so miss cut & run xoxox

  57. Kendra Tompkins

    Great review. This is a favorite of mine,too, and these boys will hold a special place in my heart.

  58. Susana Perez

    Great review! I really love these two. It is so difficult to say goodbye to Ty and Zane… But I hope we will get glimpses of them in the sidewinder stories…

  59. Karen

    I’ve been looking forward to this final book in the Cut & Run series with excitement and dismay–as eager as I’ve been to discover how Ty and Zane’s story finally turned out, I’ve also dreaded saying goodbye. I enjoyed Crash & Burn more than I ever expected to (I may have read it twice already, haha) and this book and ending felt satisfying, well balanced, and just *right.* I’ll miss those boys so much!

  60. Jewel Cardwell

    I love this series and Crash & Burn was a perfect finale. Ty & Zane 4EVER!

  61. Sarah

    Perfect ending, perfect goodbye; will miss the guys but look forward to the sidewinder stories and rereads 🙂

  62. Ren

    I’m impressed with what Abi covered and tied up, and it all made sense – I did wonder what kind of a firecracker the last book would be. Such an enjoyable read, amazing job <3

  63. Conroy

    Abi certainly redeemed herself after B&C. C&B had so much much more T&Z! Loved it!

  64. Nina

    i don’t know what to say about this book, besides it’s freaking awesome, and i loved it.

  65. feowyn

    Cut & Run was the first book in about five years that I picked up and couldn’t put down. It had been such a long time since a story grabbed me and wouldn’t let go, so I’m very sad to see it end. The ending was wonderful though.

  66. hyacinthess

    This book is so wonderful, and this was also a great review! 🙂 Looking forward to all of Abi’s future works too, even if it’s hard to get a hold of them here in Sweden, haha. Thank god for e-books. <3

  67. Elly

    Loved the review! Ty and Zane mean so much to me I can’t believe C&B was the last book.

  68. Heather Rawlins

    I am still reading the book and will be sad to say goodbye. Thanks for such a great series.

  69. Nicole Carlson

    This series will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m going to miss Ty & Zane.

  70. molly bannister

    Great review! Really can’t believe Crash and Burn was the final book, I’m going to miss Ty and Zane so much…

  71. SaraT

    Fabulous end to a fantastic journey ~ These two will always have a special place in my heart 🙂 Thank you, Abi Roux, for letting us come along for the ride!!!