#FitReaders Check-In: April 3, 2015

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Sign up for April 2015

Welcome to #FitReaders!! Felicia the Geeky Blogger and I are super excited to be co-hosting this fitness-oriented group during 2015. For the months of April – June 2015, I will be hosting the official check-ins. To learn more about #FitReaders, or to sign up for April, click the image above. This is my weekly check-in post where I share about my week, and I hope you share about yours as well. You can also catch Felicia’s weekly check-in HERE.

If you have a weekly check-in blog post or put your updates on any social media site, please leave a link to your check-in posts in the comment section, below. Or, if you want to use this post as your weekly check-in, leave a comment telling us how your week went! 

My Week:

I had a pretty good week overall. I was outside a lot, even when we got some surprise SNOW on Saturday! Luckily today it was sunny and 55, and I was able to walk without a full winter coat! The sunshine really lifted my spirits.

I’m back to thinking about getting a FitBit, but honestly, I don’t know that it would help me do more than what I do now. It may  be fun to check my daily steps, but I my goals revolve around moving and walking for a specific amount of time, so I don’t need to know my step count. Thoughts?

My Movement:
Friday: none
Saturday: 52 minutes walking
Sunday: 71 minutes walking
Monday: 40 minutes walking
Tuesday: 75 minutes walking
Wednesday: 47 minutes walking
Thursday:  50 minutes BodyFlow + 30 minutes walking

How was your week? Did you hit any milestones? Try a new food or workout? Celebrate your week with us!

What is #FitReaders?

We are a group of readers, bloggers, authors, etc. who come together with the common goal of adding some movement into our lives, getting healthy, and staying fit. You do not have to have a blog to join in. You can use the weekly check-in posts here or at The Geeky Blogger, a blog, Twitter, Facebook, or in a private, off-line journal to log your own journey. Just know that we are all in this together and here to provide support to one another. Look for the hashtag and join us! Click the image at the top of this post to sign up for this month.

About Me:

Thanks to Felicia and #BookBlogWalkers, I started my journey back to a healthier lifestyle on January 6, 2014. I started with the goal of moving with purpose for 10 minutes each day and tracking my food intake. As the days progressed, I was able to walk longer and even start jogging. During 2014, I lost 25 pounds and reached my goal weight in September. Now I am working to keep the weight off and stay active. I find the best motivation for walking is a good audiobook and the support of my friends. Thanks for joining me in this journey! If you have any questions and don’t want to comment, please email me at twimom227 (at) gmail (dot) com.


34 responses to “#FitReaders Check-In: April 3, 2015

  1. Jeffe Kennedy

    So far this week I’ve walked over 15 miles AND I started running again, just a little bit – but yay! And I’ve lost 1.5 pounds. Chugging along!

  2. Thanks for hosting this challenge! I just posted my update for the quarter. My goal is to visit the gym at least 100 times this year. Thanks to this challenge, I have been motivated to stay more accountable and completed 23 sessions. Could have been a little better, but all around I’m happy with the progress!

    • Hey Carole, thanks! I don’t have the “linky” set up, so please go ahead and leave a link here, in the comment section. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Melanie Simmons

    You had a great week. My crappy project at work is up, but not done. I’m hoping that I can get back to my normal schedule. Now my Fitbit is broken, but they are sending me a new one. It shipped the same day, so I should have it soon. I’m not too worried. My plan is to start doing other things, like Daily Burn, as I plateaued walking/run.

    • Thanks so much – I do most of the walking while my kids are in karate class. Rather than sit and watch them or gossip with the moms, I put on my headphones and walk about the area.

    • Thanks Kristin. I’m wondering the same thing – if having the FitBit would get me up and moving more when I’m not “exercising” that would be good, right?!

  4. You had a great week! I use my Fitbit everyday to keep me motivated to move more, but like you said you are already doing great without one. It is nice for tracking. I did good this week. I convinced my co-workers to go to the gym everyday (instead of only 3 days). Since we are short for time because of our lunch our I wanted to get more workouts doing the week. Have a great week and thanks for hosting!


    • Now that you are getting healthy again, you don’t want to overdo it! So take it slowly… maybe shorter workouts at first, rather than jumping back in. Just try to be consistent and you’ll get there!

  5. I am pretty excited that I worked out almost every day last week, and got in 4 runs! I hope I am motivated to do the same again this week. I love my Fitbit! I have a charge, and it was so worth the money. Getting to see how many calories I burn in a day and just seeing my steps helps me set goals every day and motivates me to meet them. I highly recommend it. 🙂
    Link to my #FitReaders check in:

    • Great week for you!! *high fives* So the charge gives you calories burned? How does it do that? Is it based on personalized input like gender, height, weight? Or…

      • Thanks!! Yes, you set up your profile with all of that information and it tracks all of your movements. Based on your exercise and daily activity, it will tell you how many additional calories you are burning. I use MyFitnessPal, and have them synced up. Fitbit will then sync those burned calories over to MFP. It’s great, and has proven to be worth every penny for me!

    • I’m wondering the same. My phone isn’t on me all the time, and isn’t the best with step counts. I’m wondering if I have a FitBit, if seeing it will keep me more motivated during the day.

  6. gk nelson

    My steps suffered due to class until 10pm several night last week.. My knee is finally better and I took a short run Thursday, I met my goals 5 of 7 days of steps which is my plan until my scuba instructor is completed.