Listen Up! Audiobook Review: The Dragon Conspiracy by Lisa Shearin

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Audiobook review: The Dragon Conspiracy

Author: Lisa Shearin
Narrator: Johanna Parker
Audio Speed: 1x
Series: SPI #2
Source: Audible/purchased

We join SPI “still a newbie” agent and local seer Makenna Fraser, along with partner Ian Byrne and a handful of other agents, as they attend a swank art show in Manhattan. The items on display are a cursed set of diamonds called the Dragon Eggs, known to SPI for some pretty powerful magical properties. When a group of harpies makes off with the diamonds, SPI is left trying to discover who was behind the plot and what is his or her ultimate goal. Unfortunately, as Mak and Ian begin to uncover the pieces of the puzzle, they learn that the conspiracy is much larger and more dangerous than anyone imagined.

Once again, I find myself enjoying the humor and intelligence of agent Makenna Fraser. Like the first book in the series, The Dragon Conspiracy is shared from Mak’s first person POV, and Johanna Parker’s southern drawl is a perfect fit. Mak’s wit and snark make even the most dire situations enjoyable. I love the humor shared between agents and Mak’s amusing outlook on any situation. I enjoyed the comradarie of the SPI agents as Mak makes more friends among her peers. I especially delighted in the deeping friendship between Mak and SPI leader, Vivienne Sagadraco. And while this book is far from a romance, there are hints of budding relationships that may or may not play a part in future stories. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on board with the potential pairings, but it didn’t ruin the story in any way for me (and I’m still holding out for a certain pair of agents to find some lovin’).

The mystery of the Dragon Eggs is engrossing, and the overall plot ended up being far more complex than I would have imagined. I liked that the story kept me guessing and isn’t predictable. The climatic scenes are dramatic and exciting, although the afterwards seemed to go on a bit too long. I enjoyed meeting new characters and learning about new supernatural beings.

Once again, my biggest complaint is the amount of repetition found in the story. I really don’t need the several reminders of what will happen when all the Dragon Eggs are activate, and that New York has the highest concentration of supernaturals in the world. Over and over again, facts like these are repeated far too often. However, because I enjoy the story and narrator, it is something that I can work around, even if it is annoying.

As mentioned earlier, Ms. Parker’s performance is entertaining and a great fit for main character, Mak. I find that she modulates her voice convincingly to hit each of the different characters.

Overall, I found The Dragon Conspiracy an excellent follow up to The Grendel Affair, and I look forward to going on more missions with Agent Makenna Fraser.

Rating: B+
Narration: A-


11 responses to “Listen Up! Audiobook Review: The Dragon Conspiracy by Lisa Shearin

  1. Melanie Simmons

    I really enjoyed book one. Isn’t it funny how a book that has really good things like a great narrator and humor, you’re willing to overlook some annoying things like repetition? I’m the same way. Great review.

  2. This series sounds fantastic. I dislike repetition, but I’m willing to put up with a bit of repetition for a good story, especially one with humor. Great review.

    • It’s pretty fun, and while I may have rolled my eyes once or twice, I found I was smiling and laughing much more frequently. I also don’t know if one would pick up on it as much in written form rather than audio.

  3. This series is new to me, and it sounds interesting! I have to agree that repetition of facts can be tiring, but this still sounds like a nice listen!

  4. I wonder if it would feel repetitive when read. I’ve not listened to too many books but some bits I know I definitely pick up more on when listening than I would reading. It does sound very good so think I’ll add it to the tbr pile 🙂

    • I agree Anna… when reading a book, I tend to subconsciously skim repetitive parts, but you can’t really do that when listening.