Review: The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed by Jessica Clare

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The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed
Jessica Clare
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

Shhh. The Billionaire Boys Club books are my secret crack. Once I get my hands on one, I can’t put it down! Jessica Clare has created a wonderful secret society of powerful men that have one element missing in their lives: a woman they feel completes them.

We’ve met both Audrey and Reese in previous titles of this series, and I’m going to be totally honest. I thought Audrey would end up with Cade. Yup. Didn’t happen. Thus, the apt title The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed. Readers of the series will remember Audrey’s twin, Daphne—the rock star needing an extended stay at a very strict rehab facility. She plays a huge role in this title, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. We also get to see Gretchen, Audrey’s older sister (and a glimpse of Hunter…rawr!).

I didn’t know whether I was going to like The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed at first. We all have this image in our head about what our ‘true love’ should look like. From the time we were little, many girls have dreamed about their ‘happily ever after’. Sometimes, we assign the role of Prince Charming to one person that has been kind and attentive to us, even though we never did anything to warrant their attention. We think we’ll end up living in the cute house in the suburbs with the white picket fence with 2.5 kids and a dog sitting primly on the front porch waiting for our betrothed to return home from a harrowing day at work. Dinner will be on the table, and you’ll be wearing June Cleaver pearls and an apron. However, it’s never that easy. Love, and most importantly, passion sneaks up on us when we least expect it. And dang, it’s a shock to the senses when the reality sets in!

Reese is the epitome of Mr. Playboy. He sleeps with women to improve his social status and further his business. He is a self-made millionaire, working diligently to hit that billionaire status the rest of his ‘bros’ covet. The term man slut comes to mind. Even though we don’t see Reese gettin’ it on with some starlet or heiress, it’s evident that’s what he does. Until Audrey. I really enjoyed Reese’s transformation. The way we watched his thinking shift as he got to know Audrey, and the way she responded to him. Most of all, I loved Reese’s snarky sense-of-humor. Here’s my favorite quote (I’ll let your imagination fill-in-the-blanks):

“Good think I like my women a little fiery,” Reese said, and when she glared at him, he winked. Oh, they were going to be like that this morning, were they?

“I thought you liked them breathing,” Audrey said in her best prim voice.

“Actually, I prefer it when they can hold their breath,” Reese said, returning to the table with a bowl. He dumped a ton of cereal into it and then reached for the milk when Daphne handed it his way. “Or humming. I like it when they hum. You know any good songs, Audrey?”

She nearly choked on her mouthful of cereal and gave him a heated look.

“No? Just a one note kind of girl?”

Actually, the back-and-forth between Audrey and Reese was pretty hot. After Audrey chilled out. She is, after all, the prim-and-proper sister. The one that has her ‘stuff’ together. And, she keeps it together for everyone she loves. Until Reese throws her off-balance, and shows her what it’s like to lose the dour exterior. Audrey learns that she likes to be a little firecracker, especially when Reese is lighting the fuse. Audrey had a huge learning curve, though. What started out as a superficial fling ended up tying her heartstrings in knots. Reese may have brought out the wildcat in Audrey, but that didn’t mean she was going to totally give up on her dream of that white picket fence with Cade, did it? Would Audrey choose the safety and normalcy of Cade (or her dream of Cade), or the passion Reese ignited in her? When would she realize that something was oh-so-right about the way Reese made her feel? And, that she was, indeed, able to let her evil side out to romp?

I do adore Ms. Clare’s Billionaire Boys Club books. They’re like a drug I can’t get enough of. I’m eager to read the rest of the stories in this series. But hey, I just read about a new series, a spin-off of this one: Billionaires and Bridesmaids! Could it be? Character cameos plus new, awesome stories?!?! I’m down for that!

My Rating: A, Loved It


About the Book:

Successful, dependable, and trustworthy—that’s Audrey Petty. She’d be the perfect girlfriend for her childhood crush, billionaire Cade Archer…except that she’s pretty sure she’s not even on his radar. When Audrey thinks she’ll be spending the next month with Cade at his remote cabin retreat, it’s a dream come true…

Until she meets her worst nightmare. Billionaire playboy Reese Durham is used to seducing women to get what he wants. Obviously Audrey’s in love with his buddy, Cade…and after his getaway is ruined by Audrey’s sudden intrusion, Reese isn’t opposed to blackmail.

Audrey may think she knows what she wants, but Reese is determined to show her what she needs. And as Reese discovers the volatile minx behind the buttoned-up exterior, he starts to think maybe she’s just what he needs, too.

Release Date: April 7, 2015 (first published October 15, 2013)
Billionaire Boys Club #3
ISBN: 978-0425269152
Contemporary Romance
paperback (304 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: Publisher

Purchase Info:
The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed (Billionaire Boys Club #3)

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    • Deelylah Mullin

      DO read them in order if you pick them up. The *could* stand alone, but I think the over-arching series plot hits home more if they’re read sequentially.

  1. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    Love Clare/Sims but I’ve not tried this series. I’ve OD on Billionaires lately so I’ve bee avoiding it because of the reading mood I’m in.

    • Deelylah Mullin

      I totally get that. I broke up with a billionaire series, and it was a little difficult for me to ‘get back on the horse’. *deletes inappropriate comment*

  2. Carole

    I love the title. I had no choice but to read this review and summary. It certainly sounds good!!

    • Deelylah Mullin

      🙂 When you pick it up, plan yourself enough time to read it in one sitting. Not kiddin’. 😉