#FitReaders Commit to Exercise for June 2015

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Welcome to #FitReaders!! Felicia the Geeky Blogger and I are super excited to be co-hosting this fitness-oriented group for 2015. During the months of April – June, 2015, I am hosting the official check-ins and quarterly giveaway.

It is time to Commit to Exercise for June 2015! Whether you are just joining us, need to get back on the wagon, or continuing your monthly progress, now is the time to stand up and say “I’m in! I’m committed to getting up and getting moving!”

So are you ready to commit to fit? Remember there will be weekly check-ins on Fridays both here and at Felicia’s blog, motivation on twitter (#FitReaders), and a group over on Facebook (let me know if you want to be added).

Let’s get this month started by adding your link down below. Everyone who commits to exercise using the linky during April, May, and June will be entered to win a FABULOUS PRIZE. Details on that, below…

Add your name to the linky and leave a comment telling us what your goals are for June.

Note: you do not have to have a blog to participate. You can use any URL to sign up, including your Twitter, FaceBook, GoodReads, or Booklikes site. Please let me know if you have any problems signing up.

Monthly Prizes:

On June 26, the last Friday of the quarter, I will announce the three monthly winners, one each from April, May, and June. All you need to do is sign up using the linky that was provided for the monthly Commit to Exercise posts. The monthly winner will receive an awesome Bondi Headband, winner’s selection of color*.


*Open internationally, where not prohibited by law. If shipping costs become prohibitive for non-U.S. deliveries, a comparable gift card will be substituted. Open to participants, 18 years or older, who are legally allowed to participate in such a contest as allowed by their local laws. All federal, state, local, and municipal laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. This blog, its reviewers, and the owner are not responsible for items lost in the mail. By entering this giveaway, participants agree to abide by these terms. 

My June Goals:

My overall goals for 2015 are to keep up my current level of exercise, maintain my goal weight, and log my food intake every day for the year. I also want to add some races in once the weather warms up.

As for June 2015, my primary goal is to make sure I continue get out and move. I plan to move with purpose for 30 minutes each day, taking off no more than one day per week. I also want to take one BodyFlow (yoga) Class per week. In addition, I will log my food/caloric intake each day using the LostIt! app. Finally, I recently joined the Fitbit crew and will be tracking my steps. In addition to “exercising” I want to take 10,000 steps and move for 4 miles each day (with no more than one day off per week). Are you on Fitbit? Send me a friend request at twimom227 (at) gmail (dot) com!

Questions for YOU!

What are your goals for June? Have you hit any milestones lately? Try a new food or workout? Celebrate with us!

20 responses to “#FitReaders Commit to Exercise for June 2015

  1. Kristin T.

    I’m in…I have so much fun with our group! I find it motivating to work out, especially on those days when I just don’t want to do anything 🙂 My goals for June are to start training for the marathon I will be walking in October. While I have been walking all along, I need to start to step it up a bit, so I need to put a plan in place that will help me get started. I also need to include some strength training and I want to focus a bit on my eating – not so much dieting as clean eating.

    Can’t wait to see what everyone else’s goals are!!! Thanks for hosting Jen!!!

    • WOW! Great goals – a marathon! I ran one back in 2001 and I don’t think I will do again. What a great experience and goal for you. Have you done one before?

  2. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    I’m in for June. I’ve filled out my workout plan for the month but of course it may get tweaked. But I’m going to try to stick to it.

    • Nice job and glad you are back for another month! I hope you have some good audiobooks picked out for those workouts as well!

  3. teddyree

    I’m in again for June, my main goal is consistency, 8000 steps per day which I struggled with in May. But I’m patting myself on the back for doing well with clean eating and gut health. Good luck with your goals Jen and thanks for hosting 🙂

  4. gk nelson

    I will continue with my gym schedule. The changes have been pretty amazing. Running schedule is going to happen this month or else. This constant rain has been killing my motivation and my trails are under water. 3 days of running per week.

    I am committing to eating clean the month of June. I feel so much better when I am not indulging.

      • gk nelson

        Yes, I am still teaching diving. I have completed and passed all but one of my classroom presentations (that one should be done Friday). I still need to teach a class from beginning to end with our course director. Hopefully the water will be warm enough soon that I can ditch my drysuit!

  5. Julie Haselhuhn Jones

    I am trying to find something to keep me more motivated and I might be joining a gym soon. I need the also find a run and get back to watching what I eating. I want to bring my sexy back 🙂 I am thinking about doing a half marathon soon . Those are my goals and I am looking into fitbit’s too.

    • Sounds great Julie! Let us know how we can help motivate you as well! I love having my Fitbit – more than I thought I would. It’s definitely motivating me!

  6. Gayle Cochrane

    I am in, even though I never seem to know which way is up. Goal for this month, get back to tracking what I eat on Fitbit. Vegetarian eating is going well, and steps are good. Portions and snacking slightly out of control, so tracking helps me with that. Thank you for keeping us on track. 🙂

  7. Sarina Rhoads

    I’m excited to be joining this month. I just started a couch to half-marathon program and hope to do my first half in the fall. I’ve only done 2 5Ks, so that will be a huge jump. I also want to shed all my extra fluff by really staying on track with food and doing some sort of movement on my non-running days. Thank you for hosting and having me! 🙂

    • Yea!! We are glad you joined us! Training for long-distance races is a lot of hard work! I look forward to reading about your progress!