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Jennifer Estep
Gikany & Una
Rating: A

What We’re Talking About:

Fandemic is the fifth novel in Ms. Estep’s wonderful Bigtime series.  If you love fun, exciting, quirky, colorful superhero type worlds, then you are seriously missing out if you haven’t picked up this series yet.

Ms. Estep delivers another well written, joyously fun, and exciting novel in the Bigtime series.  We loved Piper!  She is a normal girl in a superhero world.  She loves following the superheroes, and cleverly figures out who some of them really are, but loyally and trustworthily keeps this highly prized information to herself.  It backfired on her when she confessed to her boyfriend, Kyle, that she knew he was secretly the superhero Swifte.  Despite suffering that blow to her heart, Piper continues on, trying to mend her broken heart after Kyle ends things with her.  It is hard to move on when your heart still yearns, but she manages until she discovers a nefarious plot and the next victim is Swifte.

It is easy to inhale these novels, which is okay because they are just as much fun to reread.  Gikany and Una feel this is one of our favorite series.  Ms. Estep masterfully creates and presents this colorful, fun, and exciting world through down-to-earth characters that nicely contrast with the over-the-top colorful and expressive superheroes and villains.  However, what makes Fandemic standout from the previous novels is the theme of “it’s okay to be yourself” woven in.  We loved how Piper dreams of being a superhero although she is pretty super just as herself.  Kyle and Piper’s love story is sweetly and passionately woven within the exciting plot of evil villain hell-bent on his dastardly goals.

If you haven’t picked up this series, you should.  You can jump in with Fandemic, but the world and characters will have more meaning if you start with the first novel, Karma Girl.  You won’t be disappointed, trust us!

Our Rating:  A, Loved It


About the Book:

Piper Perez has always wanted to be a superhero. Always wanted to wear a cool costume, have amazing abilities, and save the day. There’s just one problem—Piper doesn’t have any superpowers. 

So she focuses on other things. Facts, figures, memorabilia. Piper knows and collects it all, about both the superheroes and the ubervillains who roam the streets of Bigtime, N.Y. Piper’s friends jokingly call her a fandemic—someone who is a superfan of all things superhero. The nickname is truer than anyone knows, especially since Piper can’t stop thinking about Swifte, the speedy hero who broke her heart months ago. 

But someone has been killing off Bigtime’s heroes and villains. When one of Piper’s friends is murdered, she vows to do whatever she can to help bring the killer to justice, superpowers or not. All the clues and information she gathers lead her to believe that Swifte is the killer’s next target. Piper has always wanted to be a hero, and now she’ll have to use all of her fandemic knowledge to save the man she loves—or die trying….

Release Date: June 2, 2015
Bigtime #5
ISBN: #978-0986188510
Paranormal Romance
Book Source: Author

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Fandemic (Bigtime #5)

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