#FitReaders Check-In: July 31, 2015

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Welcome to #FitReaders!! Felicia the Geeky Blogger and I are super excited to be co-hosting this fitness-oriented group during 2015. For the months of July – September 2015, Felicia will be hosting the official check-ins. This is my weekly check-in post where I share about my week, and I hope you share about yours as well. You can also catch Felicia’s weekly check-in HERE.

If you have a weekly check-in blog post or put your updates on any social media site, please leave a link to your check-in posts in the comment section, below. Or, if you want to use this post as your weekly check-in, leave a comment telling us how your week went!

My Week:

Here it is, the end of another month… How did your July go? Did you meet your goals?

I didn’t have any special goals for specific to this month, other than my continuing weekly goals. Those goals are exercising 30 minutes/day for 6 days of the week, trying to reach 10,000 steps each day, plus logging all of my food each day. Overall, my month went well. This plan is working for me while I’m maintaining my current weight. I did gain 3.5 pounds over the month (lots of vacation time), but I’m still under my goal weight. Right now, I’m going to stick with this plan – working in my BodyFlow once a week when I’m home. My biggest focus at this point is trying to keep within a reasonable caloric intake.

My Movement*:
Friday: 65 minutes walking, 10,305 steps/day
Saturday: 63  minutes walking, 10,497 steps/day
Sunday: 60 + 43 minutes walking, 13,907 steps/day
Monday: 60 minutes walking, 12,934 steps/day
Tuesday: 60 minutes walking, 11,361 steps/day
Wednesday: 30 minutes elliptical, 10,024 steps/day
Thursday: 52 minutes BodyFlow, 60 minutes walking, 12,936 steps/day

* I track two different goals. The first goal is a timed duration of exercise – moving with the intent to raise my heart rate and get in some cardiovascular work. This is what I’m mean when I say “45 minutes walking.” The second goal is total daily steps. This is from my Fitbit, which measures all steps from 12:00AM – 11:59PM, exercise included.

Questions for YOU!

How was your week? Did you hit any milestones? Try a new food or workout? Celebrate your week with us!


14 responses to “#FitReaders Check-In: July 31, 2015

    • Nice! For me, end of June, I was really strict with my eating, so I lost 3 pounds, now I’m stuck in summer vacation eating mode. But I’m maintaining under my goal, so that’s good!

    • Great job! Glad to see you back at it, Adriana!! Generally, over half of my steps are from my walk – which can be 3-5 miles. The other steps are being a mom and running around. During the work week (Sept – June), I have to work a lot harder to get in the extra steps!

  1. I’m really glad you had a great week. I’m gaining weight again and I have no idea why. I think it might be time to go to see a dietitian. I’m burning a ton of calories and not eating that many. There is really nothing left for me to cut out. I even cut my artificial sweetener in my tea in half this week.

    • Seeing a dietitian is a good idea. Chances could be that you aren’t eating enough! I know it sounds weird, but when we don’t eat enough calories, our bodies can go into a “starvation mode” and holds onto every bit of fat and muscle it can. Could be that you need to change the balance of food (carbs, fats, protein), or could be a medical issue. Talk to your doctor!

  2. Kristin T.

    You had a great week! I started the week off strong, but then between the heat and work, the rest of the week fizzled out. Next week I’m on vacation and I plan on walking the beach each morning – my favorite thing to do!!!

  3. teddyree

    You nailed your goals … way to go!! I had a good week and I’m in again for August and the rest of the year lol, when I’m in pain this group is what keeps me moving and that is a good thing!