Sunday Snippet: Under Contract by Jeffe Kennedy

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 About the Book

Under Contract  UnderContract
Author:  Jeffe Kennedy
Publisher:   Carina Press
Released:  July 13, 2015
Series:   Falling Under #3
Genre:  Erotica
Author contact links:   Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Website
Purchase links:  Amazon, Barnes ‘N Noble, Carina Press, iBooks, Kobo


Ignoring her questioning look, he took out the length of gold chain he’d put in his jacket pocket, and clipped it over the thin bracelet she wore, watching her expression.

Seeming shocked, she stared at it. “What’s this for?”

“Discreet restraint,” he reminded her. “Turn your back.”

Steadying herself with a hand that shook slightly on the seat, she pivoted away from him, showing him her lovely bare shoulders and the nape of her neck so exquisitely exposed by the new haircut. Threading the chain up through the torque, he looped it once, then ran his hand down her arm and clipped the end to the other bracelet. It made a stirring sight, the graceful drape of the chains from the collar down to her wrists. She breathed unevenly. Clearly rocked by this but also aroused, as he’d hoped she would be. He pressed another kiss to her shoulder and she shivered.

“You can put your jacket back on,” he murmured and, since it wouldn’t show there, nipped her shoulder so she jumped and arched her back, taking in a long breath. She reminded him of those tea roses that slowly unfurl in hot water, going from closed and brittle to ravishingly lovely. He’d make things even hotter for her and they’d find out just how she’d bloom. It surprised him that she hadn’t opted in for any sexual satisfaction. She had to be wanting it, judging by how he’d left her the day before. Intriguing, really, that she held out on that, which gave him food for thought. And only made him want to tease her even more, to find her breaking point.

Frowning a little, she eased the long sleeves up her arms again, her expression shifting with her realization that the chains would be hidden underneath the stiff material. He helped her adjust the high collar of the jacket and enjoyed the rise and fall of her cleavage as she fastened the buttons. Then she cocked her head, accepting the wine he handed her again.

“What’s the point? They don’t actually restrain me.”

“But you feel them there.”


“And I know they’re there.” He picked up her hand and slid his finger along the velvety texture of her inner wrist until he found the bracelet, then hooked his finger in the chain just enough to tug on it. She pressed her lips together, perhaps holding back another of those sensual moans. “It’s symbolic. You’re wearing chains I put on you. When I look at you tonight, I’ll be savoring that thought—and that you’ll be aware I’m picturing you like that, remembering how you trembled when I locked them on you, how you went hot and soft under my hands and mouth. You’ll feel a catch now and again, the slide of metal on your skin, and you’ll think of how you let me put my chains on you. When that happens, I’ll be watching.”

She stared at him, rapt, desire and trepidation giving her a seductive fragility, one that made his hands crave more. So tempting to strip her of the jacket and fasten her hands together with the chains, wrap his fist in them to hold her still and helpless while he filled his mouth with her.

“What are you thinking?” she whispered.

“Dark things.” He tugged the chain, watching her register the pull of it, then leaned in to kiss her under the point of her jaw, gratified that she yielded, dropping her head back. “Does that frighten you?”

“Some.” She breathed unevenly. “I’m thinking it doesn’t frighten me as much as it should.”

“There’s nothing real to fear. It’s all part of the trip.”

Her confined waist formed a perfect arc, one he couldn’t help following up to the lush swell of her breast. The brocade jacket and heavy boning of her corset prevented him from feeling the thrust of her nipple or the metal trapping it, but he squeezed and her ragged moan, the shudder of her pulse under his lips, told him she felt it just fine.

“Are you ready?”

She stilled and he smiled against her skin. Not what she thought at all, but he loved where her mind had obviously gone.

“To go inside,” he clarified. “We’re here.”

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