Listen Up! Saying Goodbye to Kat & Bones #Audiobook Review

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Audiobook review: Up From the Grave

Author: Jeaniene Frost
Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
Audio Speed: 1x
Series: Night Huntress #7 (Night Huntress Universe #11)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: library loan

NOTE: This review may contain spoilers from the previous books in the series.

Up From the Grave #Audiobook Review

Up From the GraveI have to say that I went in to Up From the Grave with a bit of apprehension. When initially starting the series, I had mixed feelings, reaching a low back with the fourth title; however, the last two books in the Night Huntress series have been fabulous. When a fellow reader mentioned the reasons why she didn’t care for the final book as much as earlier titles, I was worried because her issues were the biggest reasons I had problems with the earlier titles. However, even with those concerns going into the final book of the Cat and Bones series, I am happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed Up From the Grave.

The book opens shortly after the conclusion of the sixth Cat and Bones book, and overlaps a bit in time with the second Night Prince book (the Vlad-centric spinoff series). Cat discovers that her former teammates and good friends are missing. When she tries to uncover the truth from her current nemesis, Jason Madigan, she finds out that they are listed as killed in the line of duty, but Cat knows something isn’t quite right. As Cat and Bones dig deeper, they begin to uncover a horrible plot that could spell the end of vampires and ghouls alike.

Up From the Grave is the final story of the primary Night Huntress series, which focuses on Cat and Bones. Overall, I enjoyed both the one-book story and the conclusion of the series. Ms. Frost does a great job balancing the need for a solitary plot line with the desire for an all-encompassing wrap up of the series. All of the major characters make appearances, and the outstanding storylines come together for a solid finish. But that doesn’t mean we don’t meet new players with the possibility of future titles. However, Ms. Frost makes it pretty clear that she’s closed the doors on Cat and Bones, for now.

The book focuses on Cat’s need to bring down the nefarious Jason Madigan, who took over the secret government agency in charge of paranormal disruptions. We discover that Madigan is up to some really nasty stuff that could bring about an unwanted war between the vampires and ghouls. There are a few twists and turns in this plot line, some of which I figured out early on and some that came as a pleasant surprise. I like that the bad guys are bad, making them easy to hate. However, not everything is black and white, which is most evident in the relationship Cat has with her deceased uncle, Don. There are also a couple of extremely emotional scenes, and although I just knew everything would be okay, I still got choked up.

As always, I’m impressed with Tavia Gilbert’s performance. I feel like she changed up the voice of at least one character, but for the better; and it really could be all in my mind that it was different (since it’s been a few books since I last heard some of the characters). She also successfully tackles a child’s character, which can really be hit or miss when it comes to an adult narrator. However, I just love Ms. Gilbert’s interpretation of Cat and Bones, and will miss hearing them.

In the end, Up From the Grave is an enjoyable story, providing a satisfying and unique ending to the Night Huntress series. It’s not a perfect story, but it is perfect for Cat and Bones, and Ms. Frost manages to wrap everything up in a mostly happy bow. This is definitely a must read for longtime fans of Cat and Bones.

Story Rating: B+
Narration: A-

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11 responses to “Listen Up! Saying Goodbye to Kat & Bones #Audiobook Review

  1. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    I’m hoping that Frost writes a couple more NH World books. Everybody wants an Ian book and so do I but I’d like a Tate book too. He needs a HEA and we could get looks at the gang through his book to see how they are all doing.

    • I haven’t yet listened to the most recent Vlad book, and I’m glad we still have that series. I would enjoy it if Ian showed up at Vlad’s. LOL! I would like an HEA for Tate; he’s been through a lot!

  2. I hope we get a few more NH world books. I went to the signing for this book. She mentioned that she wants to write a book about a certain new character from this book. I would love to see Ian and Tate. I’ve also heard people mention Cat’s mom, which would be an interesting book as well.

    My one gripe with this book was that after all the time that Cat and Bones have been together, they still kept things from each other in this book and didn’t trust each other to believe in them as a couple.

    • New character as in THE SPECIAL new character? Because I wouldn’t like that (too soon).

      See, that’s what you and Felicia said about the book and I was REALLY worried about the trust issue because that’s a problem I had early on. However, I felt that it wasn’t an issue. I know why you guys feel that way, but I felt this time it wasn’t an issue for me.