Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Masters of Seduction, Volume 2

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Audiobook review: Masters of Seduction, Volume 2

Author: Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Alexandra IvyLaura Wright
Narrator: Arika Rapson
Listening Speed: 1.0x
Reviewer: Una
Overall Rating: A-
Audiobook Source: Tantor Media/publisher

What I’m Talking About:

Although I did not read the first volume of Masters of Seduction, I enjoyed Masters of Seduction, Volume 2.  To make this review a little bit easier to follow, I separated thoughts on each of the four stories below, followed by my thoughts on the performance of the narrator, Arika Rapson.  Overall I enjoyed this novel.  I really liked how, even though each story can stand alone, they are linked in an overarching plot line.  The world was fascinating and rich and the passion burns your fingers (or ears).

The novel begins with Priceless: House of Ebarron, which is the story of Sorin and Ashayla.  I enjoyed their story, even though it starts strangely in a casino over a bet.  Ashayla’s determined need to get her family’s lost necklace pitted against Soren’s need to possess her was captivating.  The story moves quickly, but it is understandable as this is a collection of novellas.  The premise of the mating need of a Nephilim and an Incubus master gave the speed of the plot believability.  It was satisfying, and I enjoyed their chemistry and passion.  I really enjoyed how this story was linked to the subsequent ones, being the start of an overarching plot line for the novel as a whole.

The next story, Boundless: House of Drohas, is the story of Javan and Naomi.  I enjoyed their story as well, especially as it added more to the overarching plot of the novel.  My curiosity was piqued by the background politics of the incubi.  I liked that we get glimpses of the overall world as we experience the journey between the main characters.  Javan and Naomi were an interesting couple and I enjoyed their unique story.  Though the mystery of Naomi’s sister’s murder was quickly resolved (mostly in the background), it did work as a way to introduce the pair and give them a purpose to be together.  Their chemistry and passion were palpable and I enjoyed their communication.

The third story is Dauntless: House of Trevanion which tells the story of Cass and Lia.  Sadly, this was my least favorite story in the collection.  It was a bit clichéd with it being a retelling of Cinderella.  Maybe if I had read the first volume I would better understand the importance of Lia being a Temple Blade, but I was able to get the gist of it enough.  Part of the reason behind my lesser enjoyment was due to the feel that this story did not contribute as much to the overarching plot of the novel. To me, it felt like more of an intermission.  However, it may have repercussions in future volumes.  I did like how Cass took charge of his destiny as a Master and did not blindly follow tradition.  Again, the story was bit clichéd with it being tied so closely to Cinderella, but it was still a good erotically romantic story.

The final story is Reckless: House of Furia and tells the story of Tiege and Slone. This was my favorite of all four of the stories.  I really enjoyed how the overarching plot moved through this one.  The balance between it and the romance was much more to my liking.  I also loved that Tiege and Slone knew each other prior to the start of the novella.  The journey and connection between Tiege and Slone was captivating and I enjoyed their romance very much.  I especially appreciated how this story wrapped up what was discovered in the first novella.  Though I suspect, due to the bit of a cliffhanger ending, we can expect more in this fascinating world of Incubi and Nephilim.

I enjoyed Arika’s narration very much.  She was very adept at creating different voices and accents that added richness to the narration.  Her narration really helped to enhance the stories and captivate me.  This was my first time hearing her and I look forward to hearing her voice on other audio books.

Overall I enjoyed listening to Masters of Seduction, Volume 2 and will go back to read Volume 1.  This way I will be better prepared for when Volume 3 is released.  If you enjoy erotic paranormal romance novellas, this is something you should check out.  If the idea of four different writers each contributing a story that builds upon the other into a cohesive whole intrigues you, definitely pick this up.

Story: B+ Liked It A Lot
Narration: A Loved It
Overall: A- Enjoyed A Lot


About the Book:

Lara Adrian’s Priceless: House of Ebarron—Incubus Master Sorin Ebarron is determined to have Ashayla at any cost. But the beautiful Nephilim is waging her own high-stakes gamble, willing to risk breath and body to win the prize she seeks.

Donna Grant’s Boundless: House of Drohas—When talented artist Naomi catches the eye of the Master of the House of Drohas, she soon finds herself thrust into a world she never dreamed existed—a world of angels and demons, poised at the brink of a brewing war.

Laura Wright’s Dauntless: House of Trevanion—All bets are off when Casworon Trevanion, Master of the House of Trevanion, sets his eyes on lovely stranger Lia. But will Cas discard his legacy when he realizes that the female he desires is none other than the scarred servant who scrubs his floors?

Alexandra Ivy’s Reckless: House of Furia—Sloane is a former Nephilim Blade who is dedicated to duty. She has nothing in common with the reckless Incubus Master Tiege—except a dangerous passion.

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  1. I really need to try this book. Besides Lara Adrian, I’ve not read any of these authors, but I’ve been wanting to try several of them. I’m also not familiar with this narrator.