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Ann Aguirre
Reviewer:  Nima

Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

Breakout picks up right where Havoc left off, completing the Dred Chronicles.  The series should be read in order.  New readers of the trilogy will have the luxury of reading the series without the publication gaps the rest of us have experienced.  However, Aguirre created such strong characters and vivid descriptions that I had no problems falling right back into the confines of the penal colony of Perdition and its conspiracies. In fact, it turned out to be a relatively quick read for that fact.

I loved that we got some unexpected background on more than one character, Jael in particular.  That’s not the kind of thing one expects at the end of a series rather than the beginning.  Even though Jael was introduced in the Sirantha Jax series, he’s been a bit of a mystery up until now.  We get flashbacks into his origin that make him sympathetic, even vulnerable.  In the first two books, he’s been more heroic, always guarded.  Now we know it was with good reason.

Like Perdition and Havoc, Breakout has parts that are not only gruesome, but gory.  Had this been a movie, one particular section would have bumped it beyond the “R” rating for violence. Breakout’s bloody battles felt more intense because they were one-on-one instead of faction-on-faction.  The reduced fighting numbers following the end of Havoc completely changed everyone’s strategy and in some cases, even their ultimate goals. Everything became personal for everyone.  Perhaps it always was.

In the author’s acknowledgments, Aguirre makes this confession:  “My initial plan was to leave Dred and Jael drifting in space with a more open ending, so the reader could decide what happened—if they made it out or if they died together—but I decided that was a cop-out.  Therefore, I hope you’re as pleased with the end of their journey as I am.”  I could tell the exact moment when it would have been easy to for Aquirre to walk away from her characters and call the trilogy complete—or incomplete.  What comes after that moment is more like an extended epilogue, one for which I was very grateful.  Indeed after so many years of abuse and war and stress, the remaining few characters had earned it. We as readers had earned it too and Aquirre ties it all up with tidy, satisfying bow. *contented sigh*

My Rating: A- Enjoyed A Lot


About the Book:

The prison ship Perdition has become a post-battle charnel house with only a handful of Dred’s soldiers still standing and now being hunted by Silence’s trained tongueless assassins. Forging an uneasy alliance with mercenary commander Vost—who is their only chance at escape—the Dread Queen will do whatever it takes to end her life sentence on Perdition and keep the survivors alive long enough to cobble together a transport capable of getting them off station.

If Dred and her crew can win the deadly game of cat and mouse, 

the payoff is not only life but freedom—a prize sweeter than their wildest dreams. Yet the sadistic Silence would rather destroy Perdition than let a single soul slip from her grasp…

Release Date: August 25, 2015
The Dred Chronicles #3
ISBN: #9780425258163
Sci-fi Romance
paperback (336 pages), e-book
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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Breakout (The Dred Chronicles #3)

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    I really need to pick up a book by this author. She is definitely prolific with writing so many different series. Great review!