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Against the RopesAgainst the Ropes
Jeanette Murray
Rating: C+

What I’m Talking About:

Against the Ropes is the second book in Murray’s First to Fight series.  It’s also the second book I’ve read with the same title in the last two years.  The first one, a BDSM story, wasn’t much better written than this one, but it was funnier and edgier.  Murray’s Against the Ropes fell solidly into the contemporary romance category, complete with too many over-used clichés and painfully predictable plot lines.  There were even some grammatical errors that slipped in with wrong tenses and metaphors that just didn’t work.

Murray did successfully create two characters, Greg Higgs and Reagan Robilard with motivating backstories.  I liked both of them.  Unfortunately, that’s all she gave them.  Coming in under 300 pages, there could have been a lot more plot linked to extended family and legal history that would have been compelling to read.  Instead we have a brief conflict, some insecurity, and the flush of a new romance.  And some great shoes, but that’s about it.  Their chemistry was good, but like many things in the book, their sex scenes felt abbreviated. I wanted more for the characters and from Murray.

This is a good, one day read when you need a light distraction.  It’s not necessary to have read the first book, Below the Belt, in the series to enjoy this one, it stands on its own.  Characters from the first installment are present, but they are peripheral to the main plot. Against the Ropes is also a transitory book.  There is a mystery which affects both Greg and Reagan, but it is not resolved in this novel.  Book three, Fight to the Finish, will presumably solve the crimes that are hampering our main characters as Murray moves on to the romance of Greg and Reagan’s friends, JAG attorney Graham Sweeny and single mother Kara.

My Rating: C+ Liked It, but I had issues


About the Book:

The author of Below the Belt continues her First to Fight series with a novel of one Marine’s battle to come out on top—in life and love…

As a troubled teen, Gregory Higgs channeled his energy into boxing instead of breaking the law. The ring gave him purpose and something to strive for. So did the Marines. Combining the two seemed like a natural fit.

Another natural fit? Reagan Robilard, the sweet athlete liaison who keeps all the fighters out of trouble and manages their PR—a job that gets more challenging when someone digs up the truth about Greg’s not-so-shiny past after equipment is vandalized at the gym.

Even if it wasn’t her job, Reagan can’t let Greg take the fall. Because passion doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to matters of the heart…

Release Date: October 6, 2015
Series: First to Fight #2
ISBN: #978-0425279274
Contemporary Romance
paperback (304 pages), e-book
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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Against the Ropes (First to Fight #2)

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