Getting Over the Hump…

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Happy Wednesday!

Everyone calls Wednesday HUMP DAY… which makes sense as it is the “hump” in the middle of the work week; implying everything is “downhill” for the rest of the week. The term also causes snickers among the romance crowd, implying a more adult meaning to the word. (Or maybe it’s just me and the teenaged boys that snicker!) But is it really a “hump” for you? Sometimes people have non-traditional schedules and maybe Wednesdays are the best day of the week!

For me, Monday through Wednesdays are my busiest days at work, so once Wednesday is over, I do feel like the worst is behind me. Plus, I work part-time and have Thursdays off. Thursdays are crazy busy with errands, housework, appointments, etc. So even though it’s a day off, it’s also very busy. Fridays are Fridays – always good! However, my weekends are pretty packed with kids’ sports and other life events. So when do I get a day to relax? How do I make time for myself?

One of the things I do is walk – lots and lots of walking and listening to audiobooks. This helps me reset mentally and get through the week. I also read, chat with friends, and play with my kids. I try to make sure I take some time each day to slow down and clear my mind. This helps me get over the proverbial hump. What about you? What do you do to get through the week?

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your HUMP DAY!


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  1. UnaReads

    I work M-F, sometimes Wed. is the beginning of the easy downward slide and sometimes not. Just depends on how things go. I think what helps me get through the week is my to-do list. I start it on Friday so I know what to hit when I come in on Monday. As the week goes by, most things are checked off, even as new ones get added. Gives me a daily feeling of accomplishment that carries over to the next day.

    • I’m such a big “to do list” girl. I have 2 electronic ones and a paper one that I make every Monday (for Tuesday – Thursday) and every Thursday (for Friday – Monday). It’s a sickness!!

  2. B.

    We definitely count down the days until Friday. And there is much celebrating when everyone gets home! I think having a to-do list is crucial, too. We have a checklist so I can actually see (and show) that the avalanche of impossible tasks are really and truly getting accomplished, and the pile reduced day by day. It helps everyone’s feelings to have the nebulous ball of chaos put into concrete terms and handled. Also, exercising on our elliptical every morning is mandatory. I have to have it!

    (P.S. It’s not just you and the twelve year old boys that snicker.)

  3. I don’t really care too much about Wednesdays, lol. It’s a busier night because my daughter has dance, but that’s really the only thing that makes it unique to me. Things that get me through the week are running, wine, and reading on the nights I can keep my eyes open. 😉