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I just wanted to update our readers as to what is happening at That’s What I’m Talking About.


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that pretty much every post I scheduled was “missing schedule.” This is a WordPress issue, and I’m not entirely sure what causes it. All I know is that I wasn’t having a problem, and suddenly I was having a significant one.

What does “missed schedule” mean? It means that when I schedule a post to go “live” at a certain date and time, that post stays “scheduled,” and never goes live to the public. In order to push it through, I have to log into my blog, open the post, and republish it. This is very frustrating, as I schedule 99% of my posts ahead of time. After talking to a few people on Twitter, Googling the issue, and finally speaking with a Go Daddy representative, it was suggested that I try a plugin that was specifically created to solve this very annoying problem (apparently it’s not an uncommon issue). The plugin “scans” the blog, and if it sees a post that missed its schedule time, it pushes it through. Yea! Problem solved… or not.

Unfortunately, what’s happening is that WordPress isn’t recognizing the posts as being published, even though they are. This means that WordPress isn’t sending out emails about new posts, nor is it publicizing the post on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It also seems to be impacting my feed; however, it looks like all the posts eventually make it on the feed, but usually it’s 24-48 hours late. This post worked because I manually pushed it through. Edited to add: Apparently, even with me attempting to manually push this post through, the publicizing piece still has issues. I’m continuing to play with it to see if I can do something.

So what does that mean for our readers? First – our reviews and content are continuing to be published everyday Sunday – Friday. You can visit the site and read our posts anytime. Second – if you connect with posts via Twitter or Facebook, you should still be okay because I’m manually publicizing on those social media sites. However, if you keep up with That’s What I’m Talking About via email, you are missing out on 99% of our new material. Also, if you find out about new posts via a feed burner, you *may* be missing some posts, that’s still not clear.

I’m hoping WordPress sends an updated version soon, and that it will solve my issues. Meanwhile, I’m hoping to find someone much more knowledgeable than I to help me work on a better solution. Until then, I ask for your patience in dealing with my website woes. Each one of our readers is important to me and I hope you will continue to visit That’s What I’m Talking About. Remember – new material is being generated, so please drop by and read our reviews!

Thank you for your support!


25 responses to “Website Woes

  1. Tina B

    That sounds like a nightmare! I’m sorry that you have to go through that. Good luck, Jen! I hope that you find a solution soon.

  2. stormi34

    Oh man, that totally sucks. I hope you get it fixed soon I know I would be going crazy too as I schedule most of mine too.

    • Thanks Stephanie – I am already using this plugin. This is the one I referred to in my post. I added it, and while my posts ARE all posting now, WP isn’t recognizing them for some reason. If you come to my blog organically, you’d never know I was having a problem, because all the posts are there. But when WP misses schedule and the plugin posts it, WP doesn’t send out the emails, nor publicize to social media. And the feed is dragging behind. Maybe I’m having two separate problems, but when I manually push through a post, social media and emails work. *sigh*

      • You could try deactivating and reactivating the plug ins one by one – but you have probably already tried it? Is your back up working? I found that I have to do the updraft manually sometimes because I don’t get enough comments. But if that is working then the scheduler should be.

      • I have not tried that yet – honestly, I don’t know enough about how it all works together to feel comfortable doing that. I wouldn’t even know how to mess around with it to see if that is working or not. I didn’t set up my blog and primarily only update as needed.

        I manually back up and download my files every week.

  3. This happened to me last year and it ended up being something in a calendar plugin and a security plugin clashing. If you have any plugins that updated recently you might want to see if there are any comments on their pages about people facing similar issues.

  4. UnaReads

    Glad they are posting but hope the notifications start up again. Good luck! I wish I could help but I’m more technically challenged than you!

  5. Guest

    This is likely an issue with your server’s configuration. I’ve found that if cURL isn’t enabled in PHP then it’ll result in the error. You can either:

    a) add to your wp-config.php:

    define( ‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true );

    b) install the php5-curl library. here’s the command for ubuntu apache installs (you may need to restart apache afterwards):

    sudo apt-get install php5-curl

    See and for relevant information.

    Hope this helps everyone!

  6. So I had this problem awhile back too. Ashley @ Nose Graze has an article on how to take the scheduling out of WP’s hands and into the schedule of your host. That is what I ended up doing.

    • Thanks. I saw her post a while ago… I don’t know enough about WP and such to do the first option, so I am using the plugin she suggested. The plug in works for publishing the posts, but I’m having trouble with the social media aspect. Now sure why…