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Fight to the FinishFight to the Finish
Jeanette Murray
Rating: B-

What I’m Talking About:

Fight to the Finish takes us back into the competitive boxing world of the U.S. Marines.  As book three in Jeanette Murray’s First to Fight series, the characters and environments are already well-established.  It could definitely stand alone, but is a better read for the books that came before it, especially as the characters react and interact.  Fight to the Finish focuses on the romance of JAG officer Graham and team yoga instructor Kara.

Kara was a bit of a head scratcher for me.  As the mother of a child with significant allergies myself, I understood Kara’s desire to protect her son, Zach.  Allergy moms are some of the most tenacious mother-bears out there. Kara even maintains a blog and is active in dealing with her son’s school administration.  This is why I was frustrated that she wasn’t more proactive with her ex, just taking his poor behavior without argument.  She had a great attorney and didn’t use her.  It just didn’t feel in character to me because in every other way she was all about making Zach’s world a better place to live. Even if she was tip-toeing around him in the beginning for Zach’s sake, once he showed his true colors, there was no point in continuing to acquiesce.

Graham is great with Zach’s allergies and that alone makes him more endearing than anything else in the book, better even than whatever chemistry there is with Kara.  Graham seems to be biding his time in the first two books and finally gets around to making his move, declaring himself so he can court Kara in earnest. He does it in a swoon-worthy way, but overall, the book does read a little predictable.

Even though I liked the book, I did have a few small issues. Primary among them was the mystery that was integral to Against the Ropes is pulled forward into Fight to the Finish. Unfortunately, it’s never been much of a mystery for the reader. Murray drops so many clues in Against the Ropes that all we’re waiting for is confirmation that we were right by the end of Fight to the Finish. It feels like Murray doesn’t want to make anyone, even the bad guys, truly evil.  They come off as pathetic and inconvenient, not true adversaries for our hero Marines.

My Rating: B- Liked It, but I had a few small issues


About the Book:

Kara is a single mom working hard to keep life running smoothly for herself and her son, but a custody battle is wearing her down. When her friend suggests asking a JAG officer for some unofficial advice, Kara agrees—and soon finds herself officially head over heels…

As a Judge Advocate, Graham has seen his share of nasty custody disputes—and he plans on keeping his distance from this one. But this purposeful, passionate woman has a way of drawing him ever closer to the edge. And when Kara’s ex starts to throw his weight around, Graham will have to choose between toeing the line or stepping into the ring…

Release Date: March 1, 2016
First to Fight #3
ISBN: # 978-0425279281
Contemporary Romance
paperback (304 pages), e-book
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Fight to the Finish (First to Fight #3)

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