Sunday Snippet: Total Control by Tilly Greene

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 About the Book

Total Control  Total_200x300
Author:  Tilly Greene
Publisher:   Tilly Greene
Released:  March 10, 2016
Series:   Control Duet
Genre:  Contemporary Erotic Romance + D/s, toys and exhibitionism
Author contact links:   Facebook, Instagram, Newsletter,  Pinterest, Twitter
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Shrugging her big purse on her shoulder, Kat put her coat and scarf over her elbow. She was ready to find a table and claim it for the Faboo Shoe Coffee Crew. It was a ridiculous name, but suited them perfectly. On Fridays she and her girlfriends met at their local bakery and talked. They touched on all subjects from shoes to kids for some.

“Your friends are upstairs,” the barista told her with a smile as she made up her drink.

“Thank you. I actually believed I was the first to arrive.” The young woman laughed because she was notoriously the late one.

Walking carefully up the stairs while balancing her breakfast and other stuff, she wished for a second she’d worn practical boots instead of more serious shoes. They were her fuck-me-now stilettos. A label earned, only she wasn’t sure why she chose to wear them on the big shoe day. They weren’t a sensible choice, but they might be later if she decided to go out with Boyd.

As soon as she cleared the stairwell a shouted greeting from the ladies surrounded her. Love swelled in her heart and she smiled in answer. She’d forgotten what was on her mind when she joined the ladies.

“Ladies, I’ve decided I’m not late, you’re all early,” she laughed and placed her breakfast on the table. Once her hands were free she walked around the table, giving hugs and hellos to all of them.

“Oh my gawd, girls, Kat’s wearing her fuck-me shoes! The black classically elegant yet wicked, sky high, take me however you want, fuck me until I come and make me scream stilettos. What’s going on?” Jamie asked and they quieted down to listen. “When she puts on those shoes, passion becomes a sure thing. You have plans! Snow is expected and you’re stomping around in pencil thin heels because they make your legs look like they stretch on for miles. Spill, bitch.” The beauty of her friendship with the ladies was they were there when needed, and she needed them. A variety of pretty faces looked at her expectantly and she put her problem out there for them to feed upon. Hopefully the answer she was looking for would be offered in return.

“Boyd Gordon is back in town and wants to meet up.”

“Is he why you couldn’t make it last night?” Amy was another lawyer and had no time for her to dance around the issue.

“Kind of,” she answered as she took a sip of her coffee. She hoped it was enough but had a feeling it wouldn’t come even close to enough for these ladies.

“Details, Kat! Some of us are living vicariously through your sex life,” Susie told her while breastfeeding her latest baby. She had three children and possessed the patience of a saint. No way would she like to hear she was being compared to someone innocent and pious. Before she married she’d been a take-no-shit sanitation manager for the city. Working with desk junkies in suits to guys driving the trucks meant she only said what she stood behind.

“Fine, here it is.” She’d put her dilemma on the table and let them all have at it. “He had a meeting with the big guy yesterday afternoon. Before it all started he surprised me in my office and left with my panties.”

“Wait a second, when he entered your office you were wearing underwear but weren’t by the time he left?” Good old Amy. The woman focused on collecting the specific details like any good attorney.  She stuck her tongue out at the woman and answered.

“Correct. There were few words shared between us but he told me he missed me and wanted to see me this weekend. Apparently I’m easier to take than I figured. After I, um, finished, he said something about we needed to talk and left, kissing my favorite panties before putting them in his pocket as he walked away. My boss called later and said I could go, which meant I didn’t see him again. There, brief and nasty, but our time together was also rather satisfying.”

“I like the way he works,” one giggled and she shot her a quick look.

“How long were you guys alone in your office?” another asked using a serious tone, but she could see the lust building with the ladies. Kat figured he was a sexy man and now he’d feature in a few fantasies.

“Fifteen minutes, maybe twenty,” she told them and nibbled on her cupcake. Red Velvet with a full fat frosting was exactly what she needed. The sweet treat was positively delightful and a perfect breakfast for a Friday.

“Damn, this guy is a stud. He even takes his time with a quickie.”

©Tilly Greene, 2016