#FitReaders Check-In: April 15, 2016

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Welcome to #FitReaders!! Felicia the Geeky Blogger and I are super excited to be co-hosting this fitness-oriented group for another year! I’m hosting check-ins from April through June 2016, and you’ll find the check-ins every Friday right here.

I only use the linky for the monthly Commit to Exercise posts, so please use the comment section below for your check-in. You can leave a link to your own weekly check-in blog post or any social media site in the comment section. Or if you prefer, use the comment section as your own weekly check-in space.

Also, if you have any questions about #FitReaders, you can leave them in the comment section or email me at twimom227(at)gmail(d0t)com.

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My Week:

Are you feeling as crazy as I am? I swear as the spring progresses, my schedule intensifies. I’m much busier at work (so not as many mini-walks during the day), the kids have more activities, my husband is gone more… it can feel like too much at times. I also hate that when our schedules get like this, I let good eating habits go away. I am NOT a cook by any means, and we do enjoy going out to dinner, but at this time of year, I am lucky to have 1 or 2 “real” family dinners during the week. I need to plan ahead and cook meals on the weekends, but I haven’t done it yet. Weight-wise, I still would like to lose 2-3 pounds, but I’m not stressing out about it. At least I’m still getting in my steps.

One issue I am dealing with are painful calves and achilles (pain from tightness, not injury). I try to stretch every morning and after I walk, but they seem to only be getting tighter and tighter lately. I don’t know if I should find a massage therapist or ?? I just worry that I’ll end up with an injury if I don’t take care of it. Anyone have a suggestion? (I do yoga once per week, but that isn’t helping.)

My Movement*:
Friday: no exercise, 5,178 steps/day (my Baby Girl turned 10!!)
Saturday: one walk totaling 45 minutes, 11,913 steps/day
Sunday: two “exploring walks” with BG totaling 69 minutes, 11,530 steps/day
Monday: one walk totaling 70 minutes, 15,639 steps/day
Tuesday: two walks totaling 53 minutes, 10,928 steps/day
Wednesday: two walks totaling 40 minutes, 11,531 steps/day
Thursday: one walk totaling 43 minutes (Virtual 5k), 13,300+ steps/day

* I track two different goals. The first goal is a timed duration of exercise – moving with the intent to raise my heart rate and get in some cardiovascular work. This is what I’m mean when I say “45 minutes walking.” The second goal is total daily steps. This is from my Fitbit, which measures all steps from 12:00AM – 11:59PM, exercise included.

How was your week? What were you successes? What were your challenges? Be sure to stop over at Felicia the Geeky Blogger blog to check in with her.


15 responses to “#FitReaders Check-In: April 15, 2016

  1. Great steps!! I do feel like it’s the time of year when lives start to get super busy. And I’m so antsy to get outside! And to spring clean my house, which is on the agenda for tomorrow.

    I was having lots of foot and calf pain. I found some exercises online where you take a towel, put it around the top of your foot, hold both sides, and pull your foot forward (while your leg is fully extended). It really helps stretch my foot and calf muscles and relieves my pain.



    • Thanks Brandie! I will try that one. I do standing calf and achilles stretches, and also letting my heel “drop” off the edge of a stair. Oh and, down dog position also. Those are all standing, so this may help too!

  2. Jasprit

    Way to go with the steps Jen! I’ve really tried to get the steps in this last week and I’m absolutely shattered by it all now. I really need to be one of those people that plans ahead on their meals too, I have lots of great snacks to keep me going, but really need to sort it out meal-wise. I hope you’re pain in your calves and achilles gets better!

    • Shattered meaning exhausted or meaning hurt? I hope you are okay! Yes, I am no good at planning out meals. I also hate when I plan something on Sunday for later in the week, but by the time that day comes up, I don’t feel like making/eating that meal. haha!

  3. gk nelson

    I agree with Brandie on doing the stretches with the towel. Keep one by the bed and do the stretches first thing in the morning to help those muscles wake up after a night of sleep.

    I got my 12k steps in per day but no gym visits. Vivian and I did a 5k race and set a new personal best time and came in second in my age group. Yay! And we got lots of great pictures 🙂 This is a series of races that is dog friendly and helps local groups support charities here and abroad and they have an upcoming June race that I am already signed up for. I just need to find my May race between teaching classes and moving. I also have been consistently going to our local running store’s social run on Wednesday nights.

    Work is about to drive me insane but I am hoping with my new laptop that I am picking up today that at least some of these issues will be behind me. (this is my 4th attempt to post).

    • Ugh – sorry about the technical difficulties. But – sounds like a fabulous week! Congrats on the PB and second place finish!!

      I haven’t gotten the towel out yet, but I am doing more stretching in the morning and throughout the day, as well as trying to stretch while sitting, which I wasn’t doing before. Thanks!

      • Georgia Nelson

        I spent 5 hours with IT today (about 3 extra hours) but hopefully my headaches are over. Definitely try those stretches, you will be amazed at how it helps.

  4. Gayle Cochrane

    Checking in. New thing for me, I have started using the Spark people app on my phone to track food and exercise. I have to get serious about cutting back on sugar, and I thought tracking might wake me up a bit. Still doing the stationary bike for a minimum of a half hour a day.

    I have had terrible Achilles calf pain off and on for several years. One of the non stretching things that helps me is adding some extra padding to my shoes . Wearing shoes on the hard surfaces instead of going barefoot seems to help as well.

    • Good luck with the sugar, Gayle. I have a weakness!

      I use an upgraded insert for the insole of my sneakers, but I do go barefoot around the house and flip flops all summer. I’ll have to take a look at that and see if I can make some changes. Thanks!