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ShadowedBlade300 (1)Shadowed Blade
JC Daniels
Jen Twimom
Rating: B-

What I’m Talking About:

Note: This review contains spoilers from the previous book. Shadowed Blade continues a couple of story arcs from earlier titles in the series, and therefore should not be read as a standalone.

Opening shortly after the jaw-dropping conclusion of Edged Blade, we find Kit working for President of the United States: a man whom we discovered is a Non-Human (NH). The book moves quickly, as Kit and Justin search for NHs on behalf of President Whitmore and get caught up in some seriously perilous situations.

Having absolutely loved the first three books in the Colbana Files series, I found myself struggling a bit on the direction of the past two books (Edged Blade and the novella, Misery’s Way). While I’m happy to report that I enjoyed Shadowed Blade much more than these two titles, I still had some issues with confusing, obtuse scenes. The first three chapters were extremely cryptic, and I wasn’t sure if Kit was having flashbacks, or if some of the events were abbreviated references and overlaps with the novella.

However, after these initial problems I had getting into the book, the flow of the story smoothed out and the story was a bit more coherent and definitely more gripping. As Kit pieces together what Whitmore is and is not, she also must dance along a dangerous edge with someone from her past. I liked the introduction of the mysterious stranger who appears to help Kit. Her presence shakes up much of Kit’s world and adds some interesting twists that will need to be addressed in future titles. However, I felt Kit and Damon’s continuing romantic storyline is petering out. They don’t communicate and aren’t careful with the other. Their relationship is all fire but no substance.

Part of the problem I’ve been having lately with this series is the cryptic nature of scenes. A successful first person story works because the author pulls the reader inside the head of the main character. Readers are privy to thoughts, feelings, and theories that the heroine experiences. But not so with Kit. I feel that I am constantly left in the dark, making for an extremely frustrating and confusing read. While this wasn’t the case as much in Shadowed Blade, there were still too many times that I wanted and needed more from Kit to keep me in the loop and completely engaged.

Additionally, I am struggling with the dark nature of the Colbana Files. While previous titles have taken Kit to very ugly, dark lows, I’ve been able to embrace the scenes because of the nature of the well-written storylines. However, now I feel like too much is happening to Kit and/or those she cares about. Some people love dark, but I find lately, it’s harder for me to enjoy.

In the end, Shadowed Blade was an entertaining read. Despite my own early confusion with the storyline, overall, the book flowed much more smoothly than the previous title. Both the Whitmore and mysterious stranger storylines were strong and engrossing. However, I felt that Damon and Kit’s journey left much to be desired. Shadowed Blade is an Interesting story with definite ending, yet opens doors to future storylines.

My Rating:  B- Liked It, but I had a few small issues


About the Book:

Following the events of EDGED BLADE, Kit Colbana has a whole new agenda. New dangers await her and her friends and it won’t be long before she has to align herself with those she never wanted to face.

Release Date: April 25, 2016
Colbana Files #5
ISBN: #978-1532843280
Urban Fantasy
paperback (262 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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8 responses to “Review: Shadowed Blade by JC Daniels

  1. I started this book this morning, since the thunderstorms had me up at 5 am. I so love this series. I think it is so underrated in the Urban Fantasy genre. I hope to get more reading done later today. I didn’t read the review, but I’ll be back once I finish. I hope to be done before the weekend. 🙂

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • If you didn’t have any issues with the last book or the novella, then I think you will love this one. I just feel like the storytelling is too cryptic and all over the place, although this one is much better.

      • I finished this book and I will say that though I enjoyed the story overall. The beginning was an issue, even though I had read Misery’s Way. I was also very disappointed with the editing. There were a ton of errors. I had a purchased copy and that is so unlike this author. I could really feel that this book was rushed.

      • I hear you. I felt that way about the previous book and the novella. I found the editing to be off. I found this one to be better than those two, especially after the first few chapters.

    • No, this is not a book to start a series with. If you didn’t do the first one, then you don’t want to skip ahead to this one!

    • I know several people who have continued to love this series from the beginning. I think for me, I loved it so much early on, that when I had trouble reading the last couple because of confusing scenes, it really tore me out of the world and it lost some of its appeal.