Sunday Snippet: The Wolf Queen by Kelley Heckart

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 About the Book

The Wolf Queen  TheWolfQueencoversmall
Author:  Kelley Heckart
Publisher:   Self-published
Released:  December 12, 2015
Series:   The Arcadia #2
Genre:  Greek myths/Fantasy/werewolves/romance
Author contact links:  Blog, Facebook, GoodreadsTwitterWebsite
Purchase links:  Amazon kindle, Amazon trade paperback


Although she had been warned of Lycaon’s band of misfits, seeing them watching her with cold eyes made her skin crawl. “Y-you are a goat man.” She stared in astonishment at the horns, the pointed ears, and goat legs with hooves covered in thick brown hair. Despite being half goat, he was the most handsome man she had ever seen with bright, slanted blue eyes and shoulder-length dark brown hair, some strands knotted into warrior braids. A belted loincloth covered little, revealing a muscular upper body.

He raised a bushy eyebrow. “I prefer satyr.”

The other odd-looking people laughed.

She opened her mouth to speak again, but the circle parted and a man stepped forward. A hood covered his head, so she could only see glimpses of his face—a flash of fang-like teeth, fierce eyes, and lots of dark hair. She shrank back from the man who looked like a mix of human and wolf.

“Who in Tartarus are you, and what are you doing in my lands?” His voice sounded like a vicious snarl.

Transfixed by his appearance, she wondered what the rest of his face looked like beneath the hooded tunic. Towering over her, his muscles strained against the dark brown woolen tunic and deerskin leggings he wore. Masculine power encircled him like a god’s nimbus, in the proud way he carried himself, and in the way he commanded their attention, for even his companions stepped back and looked at him with reverence, even the giant who barely stood taller than what glared at her now.

Alara eyed his large feet covered in laced up leather boots, afraid he might kick her, his anger at her quite apparent by the claw-like hands, partially covered in fingerless leather gloves, fisted at his sides. All she could see were his eyes, framed by heavy, dark, forbidding eyebrows, fixated on her from within the hood. Ice blue and emerald green rings. Fiery golden flecks. Intense and feral. She would never forget them. He held back his anger, but for how long? “I-I came…” His fierce stare made her forget her speech.

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