#FitReaders Check-In: May 13, 2016

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Sign up for May!

Welcome to #FitReaders!! Felicia the Geeky Blogger and I are super excited to be co-hosting this fitness-oriented group for another year! I’m hosting check-ins from April through June 2016, and you’ll find the check-ins every Friday right here.

I only use the linky for the monthly Commit to Exercise posts, so please use the comment section below for your check-in. You can leave a link to your own weekly check-in blog post or any social media site in the comment section. Or if you prefer, use the comment section as your own weekly check-in space.

Also, if you have any questions about #FitReaders, you can leave them in the comment section or email me at twimom227(at)gmail(dot)com.

Important links:

The May Virtual 5k and 10k Race Series + 1 mile Fun Run finish line (for after you complete your own “race”)
#FitReaders information page
#FitReaders 101
Facebook Group

My Week:

The big win of the week… I got in my 5k and 10k for May already! I usually wait until the last week of the month, so I’m really happy. For the 10k, I walked and jogged, and ended up with pace under last month’s pace. I am thinking that I would like to jog/run a 10k race in the fall. Eating – same story as I’ve been telling the past two months. I’m back up 2 pounds this week.

My Movement*:

Friday: two walks totaling 32 minutes, 10,481 steps/day
Saturday: one walk totaling 39 minutes, 11,894 steps/day
Sunday: two walks totaling 30 minutes, 11,251 steps/day
Monday: one walk/jog totaling 75 minutes, 16,395 steps/day *10k
Tuesday: one walk totaling 45 minutes, 12,261 steps/day *5k
Wednesday: one walk totaling 31 minutes, 10,143 steps/day
Thursday: 55 minutes Body Flow + one walk totaling 45 minutes, 12,500+ steps/day

* I track two different goals. The first goal is a timed duration of exercise – moving with the intent to raise my heart rate and get in some cardiovascular work. This is what I’m mean when I say “45 minutes walking.” The second goal is total daily steps. This is from my Fitbit, which measures all steps from 12:00AM – 11:59PM, exercise included.

How was your week? What were you successes? What were your challenges? Be sure to stop over at Felicia the Geeky Blogger blog to check in with her.


18 responses to “#FitReaders Check-In: May 13, 2016

  1. Look at you!!! What an awesome week!! Great job!

    This week was terrible for me, fighting a sinus infection. I had my 10k Saturday (which went really well), then tried to run a few miles Sunday but was feeling crappy. That’s when it really hit me. I just ran this morning for a couple miles for the first time since Sunday. It was rough. Still not back to 100%. And I have a 5k race tomorrow! It won’t be my best time, but oh well!

    • I’m so proud of you for kicking butt on your 10k!! But sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. I hope the race today goes okay for you! It’s okay to rest a little!!

  2. gk nelson

    Look at you with your 5 & 10k done! I missed my step goal several days but I knew I would. No gym either. But I spent two nights of 5 hours each in the pool with my students. I finished my move Saturday and I am in my new office today. The dogs aren’t really sure about this new setup. It’s nice to have all of my stuff in one place again. I will be traveling every week for the next 3 weeks so I expect to have more days not meeting my goals. I think that I will just call May my rest month 🙂