#FitReaders Commit to Exercise: May 2016

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Sign up for May!
Sign up for May!

Welcome to #FitReaders!! Felicia the Geeky Blogger and I are super excited to be co-hosting this fitness-oriented group for another year! I’m hosting check-ins from April through June 2016, and you’ll find the check-ins every Friday right here. Since this is not only the first of the month, but also a Friday, today’s post is also my weekly check-in post where I share about my week, and I hope you share about yours as well.

It is time to Commit to Exercise for May 2016! Whether you are just joining us, need to get back on the wagon, or continuing your monthly progress, now is the time to stand up and say “I’m in! I’m committed to getting up and moving!”

So are you ready to commit to being fit? Remember there will be weekly check-ins on Fridays, motivation on twitter (#FitReaders), and a support group over on Facebook.

Let’s get this month started by adding your link down below. Add your name to the linky and leave a comment telling us what your goals are for May and how your week was in the comments. Note: you do not have to have a blog to participate. You can use any URL to sign up, including your Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, or Booklikes site. Please let me know if you have any problems signing up.

If you have a weekly check-in blog post or put your updates on any social media site, please leave a link to your check-in posts in the comment section, below.

Important links:

The May Virtual 5k and 10k Race Series + 1 mile Fun Run finish line (for after you complete the “race”)
#FitReaders information page
#FitReaders 101
Facebook Group

Goals for May:

My goals include attempting to keep better eating habits, keeping myself accountable by logging my caloric intake on LoseIt!. I want to exercise (move with purpose) for 30 minutes 6 out of 7 days in the week. I want to hit an average of 10,000 steps per day and take my BodyFlow class once per week. I’d like to walk/run a 10k during May. I want to maintain my goal weight, but I’d like to lose 1-2 of the pounds I gained earlier this year. Mostly, I want to have a healthy outlook and continue to support my fellow FitReaders.

What are your goals for May??


19 responses to “#FitReaders Commit to Exercise: May 2016

  1. Shandy Jo

    I’m in for May, now I just have to remember to check in each week. 🙂 Goals for May I’d like to do longer runs and finally get the 10k under my belt. I want to get back to eating healthier, too.

    • Sounds good. Checking in is very helpful for me, but not everyone does. You can also check in via Facebook, if that is easier. Glad you are in for May!

  2. Kristin T.

    I’m in for May 🙂 My goals for the month are to try to get a minimum of 10K steps every day, to actively workout 5 days a week, and to continue to do yoga 3-5 days a week. I also plan to watch what I’m eating – aiming to limit processed foods.

  3. Great goals, Jen!! I’m running my first 10k next weekend, a 5k with my best friend (her first) the following weekend, and another 5k on Memorial Day. My busiest race month ever! I’m really excited for it all. I’m also hoping to up my running miles to beat last month – I ran 86 miles in April. We shall see!

    • Great goals! You’ve inspired me. I’m going to look for a 5k race to run/walk in June. Or end of May – I’ve not been running at all for a year, so I need some time to prep myself!

  4. Jasprit

    That’s some great goals Jen! I definitely want to try and hit 10,000 steps more often too, this week I took part in the weekly hustle and was able to hit 10,000 steps everyday! Also I always have the biggest weakness when it comes to chocolate, so I so need to sort out my eating for this month! Good luck! 🙂

  5. Janina Keßler

    I’m in for May. My goals are eating healthier again and losing some weight. I plan to do 1 1/2 hours of yoga every week and go for a run every week.

  6. Hey all! I’m in for May! I plan to keep up 200+ minutes of exercise weekly and hopefully at least one 5k per week. Real food eating all the way!

  7. gk nelson

    May will be my race free month. There’s no races on my one free day that’s less than an hour drive.

    My gym/workout time will be limited due to moving and travel. I am just hoping to survive the month 🙂 I hope to get 12k steps in every day but there will be days that it probably won’t happen. My healthier eating has been paying off and I am keeping it up as much as possible.

    • Too bad about the race – maybe you can make your own that day! 🙂 And great job with the better eating! *high fives*

      • gk nelson

        I have an early race in June and can pick of one up later in the month or hopefully one it’s cooler.

        Our local watering hole closed and we (read the boyfriend) have been forced to eat something besides bar food. It’s a win for me.

  8. MyLibraryCardWoreOut

    I’ve joined in! A little bit late for May but I’ve actually been keeping up with what’s been going on without knowing it! Glad to be a part of this now!