Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Bright Blaze of Magic by Jennifer Estep

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Audiobook review: Black Blade Series

Bright Blaze of Magic AudioAuthor: Jennifer Estep
Narrator: Brittany Presley
Audio Speed: 1.5x
Series: Black Blade #3
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Young Adult
Source: purchased/audible

Bright Blaze of Magic

Bright Blaze of Magic is the third and final story in the wonderful young adult urban fantasy Black Blade trilogy. The book hits all the right marks needed for the successful conclusion of a series: bringing to end the overarching storylines and finishing on a positive note. The story begins shortly after the exciting conclusion of Dark Heart of Magic, with the younger Sinclairs: Lila, Devon, and Felix, breaking into the Draconi Mansion to steal Victor’s magic infused black blades. With the help of new ally Dia, things have gone as smoothly as possible over the past couple of weeks. However, time is up and Victor is ready to make his move against the rest of the Cloudburst Falls Families.

Overall, I enjoyed the final adventure in the Black Blade series which brought to close the war between the families and filled in all the details of Victor’s backstory and his dastardly plans. I loved seeing how much Lila has grown over the course of the three books, going from loner to a valued and loved member of the Sinclair family. I also enjoyed seeing her make connections with the monsters around town and learning more about her mother and her own roots. While predictable in where the story would end, the whys and hows were interesting and kept me engrossed in the tale.

With that said, I felt that this book was lacking the richness and fullness of the previous two titles. Bright Blaze of Magic focused pretty much solely on the battle between the Victor and the other Families. The book felt like one fight scene after another, with little else. In the previous books, there was a central mystery to be solved, but not so with Bright Blaze of Magic. This, coupled with the amount of repetitious thoughts, actions, and phrases, made the story drag at times, and I found my thoughts wandering as I listened.

The narration by Ms. Pressley remained spot on and highly enjoyable. She gives the primary characters the vibrancy of their youthful years without making them come across young or immature. One difference for me this time around; I listened to the book at 1.5x instead of my usual 1.25x. I’m not sure if this is a shift in my own preferences or if there was something different about this recording versus the first two books. Ms. Pressley continued to impress, adding a lot of emotion into every scene. I felt like I was inside Lila’s head. The variety of voices for each character was enjoyable, and the narrator found perfect voices to match the characters’ personalities.

In the end, I enjoyed my journey with Lila Merriweather and time spent in Cloudburst Falls. Ms. Estep created a wonderful world that has the potential for future tales. The three book series is a pleasure to read and concluded in the right spot.

My Rating: B
Narration: A-


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    • Really, it’s just that I missed the stand alone mysteries of the first two books. Everything else was good. The fight scenes needed something to break them up a little.