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Winner Her OverWinning Her Over
Alexa Rowan
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Although Winning Her Over is the first in Alexa Rowan’s new BigLaw Series, it is a stand-alone book. The story is a sweet tale of girl meets boy, boy screws up, boy wins girl back, and everyone lives happily ever after.  It is a quick, uncomplicated read.  Unfortunately, that is a criticism as well as a compliment.

Cal Wilcox is unrealistically hot, as most romance heroes are, and probably more so when you consider the hours that are involved with making partner at a major law firm.  His ambition doesn’t leave time for lengthy workouts and meal planning, yet he is physically a calendar-worthy specimen of man meat.  His sexiest feature to me, however, is his confidence.  Using charm, not force, he doesn’t take “no” for an answer when he sets his sights on Brenna Nakamura.  That, more than anything, made him appealing to me.

Brenna is to be commended for making her dreams come true and walking away from a lucrative career to do it.  She works hard to fight negative stereotypes about massage therapists and make her small business successful.  I liked that Brenna was smart, but made the time when someone came along who was worth the effort.  She stood up for herself when circumstances necessitated it rather than adopting a victim mentality. She was equally ready to forgive when confronted with a man who was truly repentant.  Sadly, all these adults behaving like actual adults, while being a refreshing change from the standard romance fare, doesn’t sustain much in the way of drama or conflict.  This is the one to read by the pool this summer when you’re sun-drowsy because there aren’t many plot points to hold on to and it can be finished in a single afternoon.

Rowan has invited us to expect a series, “where smart, ambitious heroes and heroines struggle with realistic conflicts as they seek love, success, and that elusive work-life balance.”  She’s a good writer and I’m eager to see her explore this “elusive” problem in future books, hopefully with more dialog and more conflict, and without relying on typical stereotypes.

My Rating: B, Liked It


About the Book:

Massage therapist Brenna Nakamura is struggling to keep her small business afloat, and she has no time for dating. Besides, the only guys she meets are her clients, and they’re off-limits. But her newest client—a devastatingly gorgeous attorney who’s in Boston for a two-week trial—tempts her to break some of her rules. 

After eight years of nights and weekends chained to his desk, Calvin Wilcox, Jr. is up for partner at his prestigious law firm. But even if Cal kicks ass at his next trial, partnership isn’t guaranteed. Some of his colleagues are sticklers for propriety, and getting entangled with a sweet, sexy masseuse is a distraction he can’t afford. 

But their best intentions soon unravel. Will they risk their dreams to follow their hearts? The jury’s still out. 

Winning Her Over is the first book in Golden Heart® award winner Alexa Rowan’s BigLaw Romance series, where smart, ambitious heroes and heroines struggle with realistic conflicts as they seek love, success, and that elusive work-life balance. This steamy standalone romance novel includes long-distance not-quite-friends with benefits, two hungry people sharing an orgasmically delicious pizza, some scorching-hot sex scenes, and no cliffhangers. 

Release Date: May 9, 2016
Jasmine Press
BigLaw Romance #1
ISBN: #978-1942802006
Contemporary Romance
Book Source: Publisher

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5 responses to “Review: Winning Her Over by Alexa Rowan

  1. Adriana Garcia

    Sometimes I need a book where there isn’t too much complication especially when it means both main characters have a good head on their shoulders. I appreciate when a girl like Brenna stands up for herself – I really dislike the victim or mopey act with female characters.