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Erotic romance author, Vivian Winslow, is celebrating the release of Uncovering Camila. She’s here today with Camila Cohen, the third wildflower from Vivian’s Wildflowers series. These New Adult stories explore the sometimes fun but often messy or complicated process of falling in love and opening yourself to experience love. Camila isn’t the easiest person to set-up on a date, just ask her cousin, Shoshanna, who made the mistake of fixing Camila up with the perfect date, only for Camila to ruin it. Between law school and her bartending job, she doesn’t think she has time for a relationship or to fall in love. It’s not until she meets Marshall James, that she’s forced to decide if it’s worth opening herself to not only love someone, but to receive it.

Please help me welcome Vivian and Camila.


When I first started bartending, I wasn’t even twenty-one. It was at some dive bar in Morningside Heights near Columbia University. I did it to supplement my work-study job at the Columbia library, which barely covered the rent on my cockroach-infested apartment on 129th and Amsterdam. The late shifts prepared me for the even later shifts I work at L to supplement the meager financial aid I received to attend New York University School of Law. New York is expensive, and I can pretty much count on spending the next twenty years of my life paying off my loans, if I manage to get a six-figure salary when I get out. In this economic environment, the odds are not in my favor.

At least I have four years of bartending under my belt. In a city like New York, that’s not insignificant, especially if you work at a place like L, where the cocktails start at $20 and the clientele are eager to tip well just to prove how wealthy they are. The thing is, I know what real money looks like. My last name is Cohen, and if anyone bothered to ask, it makes me a part of one of New York’s real estate dynasties. But I’ve never seen a cent of that fortune because my father gave it up to marry my mother. Talk about setting a high bar for love. I grew up seeing money as the thing that corrupts and breeds misery. I have to confess, though, that when I close the bar at 4 a.m., I find myself occasionally thinking money might let me have a few extra hours of sleep.

About Uncovering Camila:

UC - Vivian Winslow - eBook_MCamila Cohen is a highly ambitious and driven third-year NYU law student who works as a part-time bartender to help pay her way through school. She prefers no-strings attached relationships, afraid that anything serious could get in the way of her goals. But when chef Eliseo Perez ditches her for a job in Miami, she realizes even a casual arrangement can leave you feeling burned. Just as Camila’s close to accepting a position at the high-powered law firm of Sullivan & Moore (more appropriately known by its initials, S & M), her uncle Arthur, the head of the Cohen Real Estate dynasty, makes a proposal that compels Camila to question the career path she’d always assumed would be right for her. As she attempts to balance her busy final year of law school with her bartending job, what should have been a random Tinder date for a hot hook-up leads to something unexpected. Meeting the incredibly brilliant and handsome Marshall James forces Camila to face her greatest fears and realize that creating a life for herself means making decisions that could potentially hurt the ones she loves.



About the Author:

Elizabeth Ann Hayes writes Romance under the pen name Vivian Winslow. Elizabeth was born in San Diego, California but has spent most of her adult life as the consummate wanderer. Her nomadic life took her abroad to Paris, Madrid, London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and São Paulo. After eleven moves across four continents over a span of seventeen years, her journey brought her back to New York City in 2011 where, despite the chaotic pace, she’s managed to make it home for herself and her family.

Since 2014, Elizabeth has published nine novellas in her Gilded Flower Trilogies as well as two installments of Wildflowers, a New Adult series of standalone novels. These contemporary romance books are female-driven with strong, beautiful and intelligent women as well as diverse characters, reflecting her own multi-cultural heritage. The inspiration for her books comes from a strong desire to break the mold in the genre, which largely portrays women as weak, subservient and having low self-esteem. Believing that stories have the power to influence attitudes and shift perspectives, Elizabeth writes in order to challenge this paradigm. She doesn’t mind being considered a feminist although she believes balancing the roles of men and women in literature honors both the masculine and feminine in everyone. But more than anything, her sincere hope is that her books foster the reader’s connection to their unique strengths, gifts and desires.

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