Sunday Snippet: Royal Enchantment by Lia Davis

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 About the Book

Royal Enchantment   ROYAL ENCHANTMENT-1800
Author:  Lia Davis
Publisher:   After Glows
Released:  June 15, 2016
Series:   Skeleton Key Book series
Genre:  Fantasy Romance
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When she reached the stairs, she spotted something on the floor, a reflection of light like a prism. She bent down to take a closer look and discovered a glass skeleton key sticking out from behind the railing post. It was about four inches long and made of thick glass with a skull on the top. The bottom key portion looked like…well, human teeth.

She picked it up and tested the weight. A couple of ounces, she guessed. Studying it for several moments, she wondered where it had come from. Her thoughts turned to the locked door. No. That would be too easy. However, it was a skeleton key. Literally in this case.

What did she have to lose? Pivoting on her heels, she walked to the door, glad no one was around to witness her state of crazy.

She took a deep breath and stuck the key into the lock. Turned. A click sounded a moment before the door swung open. A smile lifted her lips, but it was short-lived as she stared out into a forest. What-the-ever-loving-freaking-hell?

Instantly, she closed the door. Surely she was seeing things and needed to call a shrink. Hell, maybe just go to the nearest liquor store.

Okay, Ava. You’re not crazy. You may be a little weird at times, but you are not crazy.

She opened the door again and let it swing wide. Holy crap. There really was a forest in one of her upstairs rooms. Well, she had asked for the earth to swallow her. She laughed at her attempt at a joke and stepped through the door.

Once she crossed the threshold, the door vanished behind her. Whirling around, she scanned her surroundings. Nothing but trees, bushes, and a whole lot of nature. The house was gone. Everything was so green and full of life, almost magickal.

I’m definitely not in Georgia anymore.