Quickie Review: Once Upon a Moonlit Night by Elizabeth Hoyt

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Once Upon a Moonlit NightOnce Upon a Moonlit Night
Elizabeth Hoyt
Jen Twimom
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

This enjoyable little novella shares the story of Hippolyta Royle, the most eligible bachelorette in all of London, who was kidnapped by the dastardly Duke of Montgomery in the previous full-length Maiden Lane title, Duke of Sin. Having escaped her imprisonment, she flagged down the carriage of Matthew Mortimer, Earl of Paxton, begging for assistance in her return to London. Meanwhile, Matthew hardly believes the story the smelly, beggar maid weaves, claiming to be a lady of society. Yet, despite his beliefs, he can’t help but be drawn to this exotic beauty.

I absolutely adored Hippolyta and Matthew’s story. Short and sweet, they followed their hearts despite what society dictates. One needn’t have read any books in the series to fully enjoy Once Upon a Moonlit Night. The standalone story may be short, but it’s full of passion and humor. I love that the pair discovered their attraction and desires prior to being discovered, and that they dealt with issues as a couple.

Once Upon a Moonlit Night is a wonderful standalone love story and a perfect introduction to Ms. Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series. I loved watching Hippolyta and Matthew fall for one another, and the entire story is a delightful afternoon read.

My Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot


About the Book:

Hippolyta Royle is running for her life. Pursued by hounds on a cold rainy night, the heiress flags down a passing carriage and throws herself at the mercy of the coach’s occupant. Whoever this handsome traveler may be, he is her only hope to escape a terrible fate. But should he agree to escort her to safety, he’s in for much more than he bargained for.

At first Matthew Mortimer doesn’t believe Hippolyta’s story, that she’s a fabulously wealthy heiress who’s been kidnapped. He assumes she’s a beggar, an actress, or worse. But once his new travel companion washes the mud from her surprisingly lovely face, and they share a breathtaking kiss, there is no turning back.

Release Date: July 2, 2016
Forever Yours
Maiden Lane #10.5
Historical Romance, novella
e-book, audiobook
Book Source: NetGalley

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  1. Leona Woolfolk

    I love Elizabeth Hoyt but I have yet to start her Maiden Lane series (I know, I know). For some reason I want to finish her Princes series before I start this series.