Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton & Nina Bocci

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Audiobook Review: Roman Crazy

32151739Authors: Alice Clayton & Nina Bocci
Narrator: Randi Geddens
Audio Speed: 1.25x
Series: The Broads Abroad #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Simon & Schuster Audio

Finding her husband eagerly enjoying his secretary in all those ways he shouldn’t, Avery Bardot finally realizes her marriage to Daniel is over. Not wanting to stay in Boston while her world falls apart, Avery jumps on a plane to Rome, where she stays with her best friend, Daisy. However, on her first night in town, Avery runs into the one man she never thought she’d see again, Marcello Bianchi. With her emotions in a tangled mess, Avery must decide if she can be friends with the man who was the boy who should have been her forever love.

I absolutely LOVED Roman Crazy right from the outset. Melancholy, but with a sharp sense of humor, Avery still has a spark of life, and best friend Daisy is just the one to help rekindle that spark and show Avery there is so much more to life than her ex. The story is one of self-discovery, as Avery uncovers who she is and what she wants from life within the freedom of a Roman summer holiday. And the story was an absolute joy to listen to, as I found myself living in the moment and enjoying Rome as experienced by Avery.

While Roman Crazy is so much more than a romance, the love story between Marcello and Avery is what gives the story heart. Given a second chance, the couple rekindles their frantic passion that was abandoned nine years prior. However, this time around brings age and life experiences with the lust, creating a more mature and well-rounded emotional journey. With a first person narrative, the reader experiences all that an uncertain Avery feels as she slowly lets down her walls and allows herself the freedom to enjoy life, and her very sexy Italian.

Avery’s life is pretty amazing, and I was happy for her. However, throughout the second half of the book, I kept waiting for the proverbial “other shoe to drop.” But when it finally did, it was more of a slipper falling rather than a heavy boot. Overall, things go very smoothly for Avery, almost too much so. With such a passionate, highly emotional tail, I expected more sobbing and difficulties getting to the HEA. I’m not unhappy it didn’t play out that way, just surprised because of my own expectations.

The one thing that did bother me, however, were the little details mentioned, which felt like clues, but then were brushed off into oblivion. For example, Daisy tells Avery about a package that was going to be delivered and stressed she should look for it, but then it’s never mentioned again. Or the mysterious envelope that Avery never checked and then it was never mentioned again. Why that detail and then nothing of it? It was the little details that felt like clues to an unraveling, but just ended up being superfluous facts. Maybe it’s just too many years spent watching shows like LOST, that have created a suspicious mind.

New to me narrator, Randi Geddens, pulled me into Avery’s story from the beginning. Her overall performance was spectacular! She nailed capturing all of Avery and Marcello’s emotions, which kept me completely caught up in the ebb and flow of the tale. Although this is a first person narrative, I loved her voice for Marcello. LOVED IT. She did a perfect job giving a unique expressiveness to his Italian character. Additionally, her youngish yet mature performance of Avery was spot on.

Overall, I truly and sincerely enjoyed my trip to Rome via Avery Bardot. It was a beautiful, vibrant journey of finding ones’ self and getting a second chance at true happiness. The romance was a sweep-you-off-your-feet whirlwind, and the tempo of the story matched its fervor and passion. The book left me with a happy grin on my face and a warm feeling in my heart, looking forward to the next tale from these talented authors.

My Rating: A-
Narration: A+

Review copy provided by Simon & Schuster Audio


About the Book:

Avery Bardot steps off the plane in Rome, looking for a fresh start. She’s left behind a soon-to-be ex-husband in Boston and plans to spend the summer with her best friend Daisy, licking her wounds—and perhaps a gelato or two. But when her American-expat friend throws her a welcome party on her first night, Avery’s thrown for a loop when she sees a man she never thought she’d see again: Italian architect Marcello Bianchi.

Marcello was the man—the one who got away. And now her past is colliding with her present, a present where she should be mourning the loss of her marriage and—hey, that fettuccine is delicious! And so is Marcello…

Slipping easily into the good life of summertime in Rome, Avery spends her days exploring a city that makes art historians swoon, and her nights swooning over her unexpected what was old is new again romance. It’s heady, it’s fevered, it’s wanton, and it’s crazy. But could this really be her new life? Or is it just a temporary reprieve before returning to the land of twin-set cardigans and crustless sandwiches?

A celebration of great friendship, passionate romance, and wonderful food, Roman Crazy is a lighthearted story of second chances and living life to the fullest.