Sunday Snippet: Intomesee: In Pursuit of a Passionate Life by Maha Erwin

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 About the Book

Intomesee: In Pursuit of a Passionate Life
Author:  Maha Erwin
Publisher:   self-published
Released:  July 31, 2016
Series:   Standalone
Genre:  Chick-lit


intomesee-in-pursuit-of-a-passionate-life-large-image-revisedAimée flicked open her serviette and laid it on her lap. “Food, career, relationships, I just want to do the right thing.”

“The right thing to do, lovey,” Kasey said, “is to stop worrying and take a sip of your wine.”

“Drink your bottles until you drown in the red sea.” She snapped at him.

He yanked the offending drink from her hand and dumped it into his own glass. “There’s something you’re not telling me,” he probed.

“To be honest,” she hesitated, “I’m mad at myself. Matador, Taurus, or whatever his name is, what’s his name?”

Kasey stared dourly at his half-empty glass and growled, “Let’s not talk about Salvatore the whole night.”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to. Before our first date,” Aimée moaned, “I was convinced I finally met a decent man, maybe the perfect man. Then, no holds barred, Salvatore was warming up to Trampirella, Frau Gretchen, or whatever those perverts call themselves.”

“Aren’t all women into playboys?” Kasey paused for effect. “Or is it just you?”

“He’s no playboy.” Aimée tear violently into a French loaf. “He’s a sexual deviant who needs to be checked into the Betty Ford Clinic. Sira warned me. I knew better than her, I thought. I was the woman to change that man.”

“For crying out loud, that man has a healthy sexual appetite. Don’t make him out to be a pervert.”

“No, don’t you dare condone his hypersexuality!” She pointed the blade of the butcher knife at his face. “You’re my friend, remember? It’s your job to protect me, not him.”

Kasey leaned backward in his chair, blinking. His quick reaction hinted at both astonishment and alarm. He stood up to uncurl her fingers. Her tight grip on the knife handle loosened. “I’ll show you how it’s done,” he said. “It’s all about technique.” With all his weight behind the knife, he cracked the quail’s carcass into two equal halves.

“Technique? It’s all about brute force, you butcher.”

“Not necessarily,” he stated coolly. Tension in face had eased. The lines around his mouth had vanished. “Getting back to the issue at hand, stop being so hard on yourself. The very purpose of life is to enjoy it while you can. Don’t be ashamed of your whacky experiences. Congratulate yourself for having fun, lovey.”

“As far as I can see, you’re the one who’s experiencing a paradigm shift. You used to be a career man, now suddenly you’re a pleasure monger. What happened to you? You’ve been hanging around whatshisname too much.”

“He’s a good influence. Good for business, good for pleasure. I’m going places. Places where I could only dream of,” he roared. “I’m living the life, lovey.”

“That man identifies with bull fighting, that’s synonymous with cruelty.”

“Face the facts. His Intomesee excites you because of its sheer brilliance. Uptight women fancy a shag and it’s about bloody time.”

“With or without his Intomesee.” She grabbed the glass cradled in his palm and downed his wine, followed by a goblet of water. “I’ll know Mr. Perfect long before sex.”

“The wine is starting to work its magic.” He uncorked the second bottle of Shiraz Cabaret.

“There are moments to open a bottle and there are moments to cork it,” she said, twisting the cork back in.

Simpering, he stroked his goatee. “Perhaps I’m Mr. Perfect.”

“Perhaps is the opposite of certainty,” was her glum response.

He turned on the stereo and selected the song Lady in Red from her music collection. Chris de Burgh sang a span of low notes ending a few octaves higher.

“May I have this dance?” Kasey asked.

Without waiting for her to respond, he scooped an arm around her waist. Her reluctance lasted only a moment before he tightened his arm, securing her firmly against him. She clasped onto his shoulders, slightly squeezing them. Supporting her back with one flat hand and clasping the other hand around hers, he bent his knees to match her height.

They glided from the kitchen onto the hardwood floor in the living room. They moved from left to right, back and forth, arms and legs entwined, hips aligned. She pressed closer, so they were stomach to stomach, eyes inches apart, mouths breathing each other’s air in harmony.

Aimée brought her lips to Kasey’s ear, speaking softly, “I’m not wearing just any ‘ol red but a passionate red.” Her eyes narrowed. She could see the shadows of the candlelight dance across his face as they swayed.

She tilted her head, letting her golden honey mane fall to one side. “Do my highlights catch your eye?” She winked and he nodded in agreement.

She held onto his finger as he circled her in a series of spins. She coiled back into his embrace, turned, and followed his lead, all the while her skirt swirling around her knees. Her hair stroked his goatee before she dipped and fell backward over his overstretched leg, hers bound tightly around his.

The song exuded tenderness. It demanded they huddle close, tangle their bodies together. Her golden brown hair swept the floor, the slit of her skirt revealed more than her thighs. He held onto her exposed shoulder, pulling her upward, his leg sprawled in a deep lunge. He pressed the side of her head against his chest and it rested there. His heart was beating rapidly, hammering in her ears.

On the final endearing words of the song, Aimée looked up to study the triumphant gleam in Kasey’s eyes. Her hopeful gaze locked onto his. It was really a perfect prelude. A prelude to what?

Their lips met in a long, slow kiss and she melted into his embrace. She pinched her eyes shut and inhaled a lungful of his breath. He tasted sweet, a mix of grapes, figs, and papayas. She combed her fingers through his fine silky hair, mussing his pomade hairstyle. Then, she plucked up the courage to speak again. This time in a deflated voice.

“Why now?”


unnamed-3Intomesee: In Pursuit of a Passionate Life is written by the career couple Maha Erwin. On June 29, 2016, the romance chick lit was released on Amazon. The book is soon available on iTunes, Kobo and Nook.

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  1. Maha Erwin

    Readers keep saying this is a “different kinda” chick lit rom-com. We agree, the book was meant to entertain and to share the painful lessons of seeking out manipulative alpha men in sheep’s clothing.