Review: A Mate for Christmas by Katie Reus

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A Mate for Christmas
Katie Reus
Gikany and Una
Rating: B 

What We’re Talking About:

Mate for Christmas is simply a beautifully wrapped gift from Ms. Reus to the readers and fans of her Moon Shifter series. Through this novella she wraps up the series (for now) and allows us to say goodbye.

Through the story of Noel and Nathan, we are able to check in with the previous couples from the series as well as showing us the happily-ever-afters for a few other couples.  Although Noel and Nathan’s story was short, it was sweet and emotionally satisfying.  We enjoyed Nathan’s patient nature as Noel learns to move on and heal from her grief.

Although the novella was a little disjointed due to the nature of the flow (checking in with other characters) it was a delightful read.  As Noel and Nathan’s story weaves through, it branches out to touch base with all of our favorite characters.  We enjoyed the embrace of the pack as the holiday approached.  Watching the mated characters in their happily-ever-afters was a wonderful treat for us.

Again, this is not a novella for new readers but a treat for fans.  If you have enjoyed the Moon Shifters series, then A Mate for Christmas is a must-read.  Gikany and Una have our fingers crossed that Ms. Reus will return to this world someday.  Until then, we look forward to whatever world she brings to us next.

Our Rating:  B, Liked It

About the Book:

It will take a miracle to survive the holidays…

After recently losing her parents, packmates and a sister, Noel Cordona isn’t even close to being in the holiday spirit. It seems that everyone around her is moving on and happy, but she can’t seem to get it together. When an unexpected kiss changes everything she thought she knew about her packmate Nathan O’Neill, she feels alive for the first time in a year. She’s too broken for him though. At least that’s what she tries to tell them both. 

But Nathan’s been waiting patiently for Noel. He’s not going to lose faith now. With a little holiday magic, he can help her overcome the weight of her grief and show her that opening her heart to him is the best Christmas gift he could ever give her.

Author note: A Mate for Christmas is not meant to be read as a stand-alone. Set in the Moon Shifter world, this novella features all your favorite characters in a final wrap-up of the Moon Shifter series.

Release Date: December 1, 2016
KR Press (Self-published)
Moon Shifter #7
Paranormal Romance, novella
Book Source: Author

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