Review: Distilled by Deelylah Mullin

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Distilled (A Love Brothers Anthology)
Deelylah Mullin
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

Some of you know that I’m not a huge contemporary romance reader.  However, I found something new that I really enjoyed by fellow TWITA reviewer, Vampbard.  Her novella, Distilled, was something different, and I really enjoyed it.

What I loved about this novella is that our main characters are survivors.  They both have suffered different traumatic issues and are on a forever road of recovery.  I liked how these scars were integral parts of them.  These imperfect characters found a perfect fit with each other.  The grittiness of these elements weighted the realism for me.  Roni and Kurtis are three dimensional to me and I loved that aspect.

Though only a novella, the story flowed very nicely and had a whole novel feel.  The plight of Kurtis trying to stop the sabotage and be able to watch his dream reach fruition was compelling.  I was biting my nails.  Without giving anything away, I suspected the saboteur, but there were a few details I did not catch until the end.

Distilled is a modern everyday love story – one that took imperfect people and bound them in perfect love.  The scars of life only enhanced these characters bringing them right up and off the page.  If you want something different, something beautifully gritty, give this novella a taste.

My Rating: A- Enjoyed A Lot

About the Book:

At Clementine Distillery, bourbon isn’t the only new development.

When Roni Diarmuid took a position at Clementine Distillery, she planned on developing the best craft bourbon money could buy. She never factored in having a tall, suave, and devastatingly handsome boss, Kurtis Clements, who would make her panties melt.

Fortunately, the company doesn’t have a no fraternization rule.

When the universe seems to be against Roni and Kurtis’ romance—and the success of Clementine Distillery—accidents happen, things go awry, and all hell breaks loose. Will Roni and Kurtis—and Clementine—survive the accidents and sabotage, or will they fold?

This novella is included in the Celebrate – A Love Brothers Anthology..

Release Date: December 15, 2016
Contemporary Romance, novella
Book Source: Author
*Note of disclosure: The author, Deelylah Mullin, is Vampbard, reviewer here at TWITA.

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