Review: Gods and Ends by Devon Monk

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Gods and Ends
Devon Monk
Gikany and Una
Rating: B+

What We’re Talking About:

Gikany and Una are delighted that there will be more in this world.  Especially since the subsequent novellas or novels will have a different viewpoint.  We really liked this final novel from Delaney’s perspective.

Since this is the third book in this series, we can confidently say we like Delaney.  Her heart is always in the right spot – she loves her town, her family, and especially the gods and monsters that call it home.  However, she is far too impulsive; something that is especially shown in Gods and Ends.  The plot wove itself nicely, but Delaney needed to slow down and think before she jumped.  Although some of these decisions cost her greatly, she never regretted her decisions.  It was touching to see how much the gods and monsters care for her and her family.

In our previous reviews you will note that Ryder was not our choice for Delaney.  Despite their lackluster romance in this novel, Ryder did move up in our opinion.  We still think he has much to make up for, but their happily-for-now was satisfying.  Ryder’s care and concern for Delaney was better illustrated in this novel.  We also enjoyed watching how Ryder is paying for not heeding Delaney’s warnings in the previous book.  It was a bit endearing, as it seemed Ryder was chagrined about the price he is paying for being Mithra’s warden.

What keeps us gripped by this the story is the mythology.  We love the idea of a place where gods vacation and monsters live in harmony.  The relationship of Delaney to the some particular gods and monsters is heartwarmingly unique and quirky.  We especially loved Death and we hope to see more of him in the upcoming stories.  We truly enjoyed watching the wolves and vampires come together for their own.  Instead of fighting and tearing two lovers apart, the two groups came together to support and aid the lovers.  It was truly captivating and heartwarming.  We hope to see more of these families as well.

Ordinary Magic is a unique and imaginative mythology that we absolutely enjoy.  This final installment in Delaney’s story was our favorite of the three books; although we still think that Delaney could do better than Ryder.  We are very happy that this is not the end.  Like the gods in this story, we eagerly look forward to our next vacation in Ordinary.

Our Rating:  B+ Liked It A Lot

About the Book:

Keep your gods close and your monsters closer…

Police Chief Delaney Reed thinks she knows all of Ordinary, Oregon’s secrets. Gods on vacation, lovelorn ghosts, friendly neighborhood monsters? Check.

But some secrets run deeper than even she knows. To take down an ancient vampire hell-bent on revenge, she will have to make the hardest decision of her life: give up the book of dark magic that can destroy them all, or surrender her mortal soul.

As she weighs her options, Delaney discovers she can no longer tell the difference between allies keeping secrets and enemies telling the truth. Questioning loyalties and running out of time, Delaney must choose sides before a kidnapping turns into murder, before rival crochet and knit gangs start a war, and before the full moon rises to signal the beginning of Ordinary’s end..

Release Date: May 22, 2017
Odd House Press
Ordinary Magic #3
Urban Fantasy
Paperback (306 pages), e-book
Book Source: Purchased with our own funds

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