Sunday Snippet: Blood Guard by Megan Erickson

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 About the Book

Blood Guard   
Author:  Megan Erickson
Publisher: Loveswept
Released: September 12, 2017
Series: Mission #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance



Getting supplies took longer than expected, mainly because I couldn’t find food for Tendra’s cat, Brex. By the time I managed to gather what I needed, the sun was beginning to rise. I took an alternative route back to Tendra, heading underground at a different location to avoid getting burned alive.

But when I ascended the stairs, expecting to see Tendra at the landing at the top, I saw . . . nothing.

I blinked at the empty space, my mind racing. Did I take the wrong stairs? Did I tell her to meet me somewhere else? But no, no, these were the right stairs, the one with the railing with mismatched metal fixtures. The one with cHaOs spray-painted on the wall long ago by some younger vampires. Ten should be there, right there, huddled in a ball with Brex beside her, her long blond hair hanging down and obscuring her face. I dropped the bags on the landing and opened the port, wishing like hell her face would be on the other side, that she’d be apologizing for not being right where I told her to be, but at least she’d be whole and alive.

But the warehouse was empty.

No Ten greeted me; no cat brushed my legs.


I crept out, careful to stay in the shadows, away from the lights shining through the broken windows, which would flare up my skin in a second.

I smelled her, faintly. She’d been here, along with Brex. I smelled something else, too, a scent that made my heart seize in my chest.


I smelled Gregorie vampires, too, and while it wasn’t unusual, the strength of the scent soured my gut. They’d been here, as recent as the Quellen.

If they got her . . .

I clenched my fists and ground my molars. The rage ignited my blood like a barely controlled wildfire. I’d raze the earth to get Ten back at my side.

I followed her scent to a Dumpster, and then from my spot in the shadows, I tracked a path of destruction. Shattered crates, pushed-over barrels. There’d been a fight. Or a chase. And at the very end of the warehouse, where there’d previously been a cracked wooden door, was now a shattered hole. A shattered hole that led directly to sunlight.

I dared to hope. Dared to believe that she’d gotten away, that the sun had been her rescuer when I hadn’t been. I’d left her, and she’d been vulnerable. Right after she’d been exposed at the club. How stupid was I?

I couldn’t go outside now, couldn’t chase her down. All I could hope was that at dusk, she’d be waiting for me at the Mission Clock.

With a deep breath, I rolled my shoulders and strode back toward the port that led underground. The door slammed behind me, and without Tendra to soften the blow of my anger, I leaped down the entire flight of stairs, my body humming with rage. I had some vampires to visit. Because another scent I picked up on? A certain perfume. The owner of that perfume was about to find out what happened when she f*cked with Athan Gregorie.