Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Life is But a Dream by Lee Strauss

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Audiobook Reviews: Nursery Rhyme Suspense series

Life is But a Dream
Author:  Lee Strauss
Narrators:  Reba Buhr & Roger Wayne
Audio Listening Speed: 1.5x
Series: Nursery Rhyme Suspense #2
Genre: Mystery with sci-fi elements, New Adult
Source: Tantor Audio

I was eagerly waiting to see what happened next with Marlow and Sage.  Life is But a Dream was just as fascinating, gripping, and alluring as The Gingerbread Man.  This Nursery Rhyme Suspense series is one I’m glad to have picked up.

The novel begins four months after the previous book.  Sage is still not coping well to the death of Tegan.  However, in an effort to assuage her brother’s concerns, she attends a support group for those suffering from depression.  But that is not the only thing she is struggling with: she has started having strange dreams that include Marlow – the geeky boy she barely met one night after Tegan died.  The worst though is when the drowning nightmares start and begin to come true in reality.

I am enjoying these science fiction bending mysteries. After the alternate universes in the previous novel, I was interested in seeing what would happen in this novel.  Ms. Strauss does an excellent job of misdirection while leading us to who, the why, and the how.  Still it is a bit “out-there” but this X-Files-esque mystery is gripping and entertaining.  The dream connection between Marlow and Sage is fascinating.  Though we never truly understand why, it is interesting to wonder how it started and by whom.  I secretly suspect that more than just reality jumping occurred for Marlow, he had to be touched and altered in some way by his experiences in the previous novel.  Maybe this ability to connect in the dreamscape is one of them?

Another aspect I enjoy is the romantic tension between Marlow and Sage.  There is no denying the attraction between them, though like many young adults/new adults, the timing isn’t right.  Not to mention that Marlow is the nice guy…and nice guys do not finish well when the lady in question is young and idealistic.  Over the course of the story, I enjoyed how close Marlow and Sage become and yet the distance that is created.  I’m curious as to see what happens next in their burgeoning relationship.

The dual narrators continue to strengthen and enhance the novel.  Though we have more than just Marlow and Sage’s point of views, Ms. Strauss is helpful in giving the point of view at the beginning of each chapter.  The continuity of voice and the different perspective given by alternating the narrator enriches the story as well as the characterization and development.  I eagerly await listening to the next novel in this series.

I recommend this Nursery Rhyme Suspense series to those that like the lighter suspense mysteries.  If you would enjoy a little science-fiction twist in it, this is definitely a series to try.  Start with the first book and I seriously recommend listening to the audiobook – it’s wonderful.

My Ratings:
Story: A
Narration: A
Overall: A

About the Book:

When danger lurks in your sleep… dreams aren’t real unless they are when someone wants to watch you drown you better pay attention Sage and Marlow are reunited in this second book of A Nursery Rhyme Suspense serial series. When Sage’s dreams merge with Marlow’s they know something strange is connecting them. But when the drowning dreams start to come true, Sage wonders if she can prevent her own death.