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Rogue Affair
Tamsen Parker, Ainsley Booth, Olivia Made, Kris Ripper, Amy Jo Cousins, Emma Barry, Adriana Anders, Kelly Maher, Stacey Agdern, Jane Lee Blair.
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

I read three titles in this collection, and I’m really sad I didn’t have time to read more. Go pick this up, you guys.

Dedication of a Lifetime by Tamsen Parker: This story totally hit me in the feels. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had THIS convo with Mr. VampBard. And the REALNESS of the relationship between Sean and Isaiah—oh, my. Get thee to a fainting couch, pronto. I loved the interplay between these two guys.

School counselor Sean wants to fix the world, or at least he’s willing to bear the weight on his slim shoulders. No social justice slouch himself, Sean’s medical researcher husband Isaiah is exhausted by one assault to decency after another. Their world is crumbling, their marriage is in trouble, and Isaiah suggests they run away from it all but Sean balks. Will they honor the vows they made to one another or will their relationship be another casualty of the world gone mad? 

Personal Proposal by Ainsley Booth: Astrid and Brianne. **content sigh** Brianne has balls of steel and is hiding out. Both of these women seem to have strong personalities and what I liked the most about their story was how there seemed to be an instant attraction yet they were so unsure. It was really endearing. I liked seeing Brianne through Astrid’s artist’s eye.

New boss. Secret crush. Big problems. 

Brianne can’t afford a crush on her new boss. Thanks to a storm of media attention, she’s fled her old life and desperately needs to please the aloof and demanding Astrid Dane. So she ignores the zing of chemistry every time they touch, and the ache inside each night as she tumbles into a cold, lonely bed. But as their work gets harder, and their days longer, boundaries crumble and Astrid finally puts her cards on the table with an unexpected proposal. 

Such Great Heights by Adriana Anders: Shut. Up. I’m not crying. This poignant story highlighting an issue that definitely requires more attention felt so real. I felt like I was hiking up a handicapped path. Sleeping (etc.) in a tent. And the torment of someone haunted by his past.

Small town reporter O’Neal Jones is a sucker for a good story. Which is why she can’t resist following high school crush Kurt Anderson on his bizarre trip up a North Cascades peak. But when it’s time to come back down, she’s not sure she can return to a real life. Could one night with a man on a mountain change everything for this no-strings woman?

My Rating: A, Loved It

About the Book:

When all else fails, find passion.

Even more new romances for readers who can’t get enough of everyday heroes and for everyone who wanted more of the Rogue Desire Anthology…

Release Date: November 8, 2017
Pronoun / self-published
Rogue #2
Contemporary Romance, LBGTQ, anthology
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