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Bronwyn Green
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

Forced to work together, Eliza and Angus soon become friends and realize the value in a partnership. Angus needs inspiration and motivation to finish the final and highly anticipated book in his hit sci-fi series, and Eliza is just the one to help bring it all together. It’s a good thing he realizes this within the first week of working together. However, the sexual chemistry only builds as the pair grows closer, and not only is engaging in a relationship bad business practice, but Eliza is hiding a secret so big, it is bound to tear them apart and ruin Angus’s career if word got out.

Rewritten is a wonderful romance that hits all of my emotional buttons. I love Eliza and Angus as a couple and found Angus simply amazing and too good to be true; a real dream man. I love Eliza’s strength and how she is stronger with Angus because he believes in her and helps her. The couple has incredible sexual chemistry that boils off the pages; yet the situation warrants much caution, giving their romance an incredibly hot slow-burn. However, once they get to it… *fans self*

Ms. Green not only writes characters I care about, but also ones whom I would want to call friends in real life. They come alive in my heart and mind, keeping me connected and engaged in the outcome. She also writes beautiful imagery that brings the story to life. One of my favorites:

“With precious little encouragement, it [her submissive nature] was unfurling within her and reaching for him like a vine growing toward the sunlight.”

Eliza is the victim of abuse, which shades her actions and reactions. I appreciate that the author doesn’t sugar coat it, or have problems go away once Eliza finds herself in love with a good man. And while I didn’t love how much of a martyr she is a times, it is real. She would feel that way after everything she’s been through.

In the end, Rewritten is a steamy, hot, emotional love story. I found myself lost in Eliza and Angus’s story, caught up in their journey. I love that Ms. Green writes books about couples who are perfect matches and people I’d want to befriend. I highly recommend Rewritten.

My Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot

About the Book:

Betrayed and completely exposed, she’d sworn off kink. Hell, she’d sworn off men. But she hadn’t counted on him… 

One of the hottest voices in Sci-Fi, Angus Domhnull is renowned not just for his sweeping sagas, but for his stupidly gorgeous looks—and the fact that he’s taken almost five years to finish his latest novel. Now, assistant editor, Eliza Burrows, is stuck minding him, and his brooding nature is pushing every sexually submissive button she has. But even if Angus wasn’t her publisher’s star author, he’d be off-limits—after a painful betrayal, Eliza doesn’t play anymore, and she’s not about to start again with him.

Unable to deliver his long-awaited manuscript, Angus is saddled with a keeper—and her creative input—that he never asked for. Despite the resentment and animosity brewing between them, he finds himself drawn to Eliza. As he learns more about the intriguing woman behind the prickly facade, he falls for her, hard and deep.

When the attraction between them ignites, Eliza lets Angus bring her to one place she swore she’d never go again—her knees. He wants more than just her submission, but her past and the secrets she’s hidden could destroy everything…

Release Date: September 27, 2017
Bound #7
Contemporary Erotic Romance
paperback (269 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author

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