Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Softhearted by Kim Law

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Audiobook review: Softhearted

Author: Kim Law
Narrator:  Natalie Ross
Audio Speed: 1.5x
Series: Deep in the Heart #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Brilliance Audio

Heather has a history of falling hard for the wrong man, so she’s been warned to stay clear of the new ranch manager, Waylon, who is “just her type,” a sexy ginger with a shady past. Yet, Heather can’t steer clear and soon the two engage in a flirtatious friendship.

Waylon has no interest in correcting the town’s opinions of him being a player who gets around and gambles his earnings away. Keeping his life private, he’s more than ready to find someone special and settle down. He thinks Heather is the one, but can he convince her?

Softhearted is a gentle, slow-burn romance that straddles the line between woman’s fiction and romance. While it is the second book in the Deep in the Heart series, I had little trouble picking the book up. I only experienced a bit of confusion at the beginning, trying to figure out what may have happened in the first book and what was just general background information. The book spends equal time between the romance of Heather and Waylon, and establishing their respective lives and individual character development and growth. 

What starts out a bit slow, ends up capturing my interest and heart. While Heather and Waylon’s love takes time to develop, it’s sweet and their story interesting. Although at times there is a little bit too much emotional insight that dragged scenes out, I still couldn’t help the sniffles and tears at other points. I really enjoyed watching Heather and Waylon work through and overcome demons from their pasts, learning to love and trust themselves before falling in love with one another.

The narration is perfect for the story. Ms. Ross has a large range of voices. I haven’t heard another narrator perform a child so well – and I appreciate that the author wrote an age-appropriate child character. Ms. Ross hits deep masculine tones for the men and soft voices for the the females. I like how the narrator’s voice stays the same regardless of which point-of-view is presented. While some voices may be similar, each was unique and identifiable. The southern charm was quaint and sincere. She strongly portrays male and female characters from 5 to 55. 

Although the story started slowly, I ended up enjoying Softhearted as narrated by Natalie Ross. The story takes time building backstories and developing strong characters. I look forward to listening to more from the Deep in the Heart series. 

My Rating: A-/B+
Narration: A

Review copy provided by Brilliance Audio


About the Book:

Heather Lindsay loves falling in love—even though her blueprint for romance has failed her time and time (and time) again. But now that she’s signed on to design an outdoor-wedding venue for her friend’s home renovation show, Heather’s found a new focus: her career. Only it’s not long before she’s being distracted—by the hunkiest man who ever swaggered down the streets of Red Oak Falls.

The show’s new ranch manager, Waylon Peterson, a.k.a. Prince Harry in a cowboy hat, has every woman swooning. He’s also got a bad-boy rep that’s made him the hottest mess in town. In other words, he’s catnip for Heather, the Texan queen of bad choices. That’s why she’s steering clear—even with Waylon’s charm going full throttle.

Waylon is determined to trade one night stands for true love, but convincing Heather may be an impossible task. He’s ready to settle down, but can she get past her fear of settling and give love one more shot?