JIAM: June is Audiobook Month!

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Image Celebrating Audiobook month
June Is Audiobook Month

Did you all know that June is Audiobook Month?

All across the country, we are celebrating the joy of listening to audiobooks. Here at That’s What I’m Talking About we are big fans of audiobooks and will take the month of June to properly celebrate. What to expect: narrator spotlights and interviews, audiobook reviews, giveaways, and more! Here’s a peek at what you will find on the blog in the month ahead:

Date Type of Post Name
5/31 Kickoff n/a
6/1 Review Unleashing Magick by Debbie Cassidy
6/1 Spotlight Rebecca Roberts
6/2 Spotlight Jack de Golia
6/2 Spotlight Jonathan Johns
6/3 Spotlight J Rodney Turner
6/4 Review Brief Cases by Jim Butcher
6/5 Spotlight Ann Richardson
6/6 Interview + Giveaway Karen White
6/7 Review Witch Way Home by Danielle Garrett
6/7 Spotlight Rich Miller
6/8 Review To Spell and Back by ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn
6/8 Spotlight Al Kessel
6/9 Spotlight Gary Furlong
6/9 Spotlight Ulf Bjorklund
6/10 Spotlight Andrea Emmes
6/12 Review Raveled by Anne McAneny
6/12 Spotlight Emily Lawrence
6/13 Interview Angela Dawe
6/14 Review Mikhail by Lauren Smith
6/14 Spotlight Laurel Schroeder
6/15 Review Escape Claws by Linda Reilly
6/15 Spotlight Elizabeth Klett
6/16 Spotlight Tiffany Williams
6/16 Spotlight Marie Hoffman
6/17 Spotlight Gomez Pugh
6/18 Spotlight Susan Boyce
6/19 Review Miss Fix-it by Emma Hart
6/19 Interview Amanda Ronconi
6/20 Review Dressed to Kilt by Hannah Reed
6/20 Spotlight Natalie Naudus
6/21 Review Stately Home by Sara Rosett
6/21 Spotlight Erin Bennett
6/22 Spotlight Janina Edwards
6/22 Spotlight Jayne Entwistle
6/22 Spotlight Christa Lewis
6/23 Spotlight Allyson Ryan
6/23 Spotlight Matt Godfrey
6/24 Spotlight Traci Odom
6/25 Spotlight Daniela Acitelli
6/27 Review Rurik by Lauren Smith
6/27 Interview + Giveaway Tayna Eby
6/28 Review Out of Sync by Bronwyn Green
6/28 Spotlight Carly Robins
6/29 Review Miss Mechanic by Emma Hart
6/29 Spotlight Wendy Tremont King
6/30 Spotlight David Stifel
6/30 Spotlight Dawn Harvey

I hope you enjoy the month-long celebration along side That’s What I’m Talking About!