Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Embracing Magick by Debbie Cassidy

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Audiobook Reviews: The Witch Blood Chronicles

Embracing Magick
Author: Debbie Cassidy
Narrator: Zehra Jane Naqvi
Audio Listening Speed: 1.5x
Series:The Witch Blood Chronicles #3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Tantor Audio

Embracing Magick is the thrilling third novel in The Witch Blood Chronicles.  I continue to be enthralled by the over-arching nemesis plot lines along with Carmella’s own personal journey.

This series just seems to get more and more fascinating.  As the novel beings, Carmella is still trying to figure out her own family issues (the identity of her mother and father).  However, knowledge comes with a price.  With her asura side fully released, her inner dragon is now a partner within her and she is discovering what the fine print says.  One of the biggest issues that Carmella needs to work out is that female dragon asuras go through a needing period.  Unlike a normal mating issue, this needing requires the female dragon to find a permanent mate.  Due to the delay in Carmella accessing this side of her nature, her dragon is giving her little time (or options) to find and mate.  Not that she doesn’t have her hands full trying to find out what is happening to the disappearing people – or the foreboding feeling that she hasn’t seen the last of Banner or his evil plot.  However, Carmella is still nursing a broken heart.  She is reluctant to accept the first male her dragon approves of.  I truly respect Carmella as she does some soul-searching before she makes that life-long commitment.  Especially as she is trying to puzzle out if her affection for Paimon is real or a lingering side effect of the binding.

The continuing Hindu inspired mythology mixed with the British environment is fascinating to me.  Though I am unfamiliar with this mythology, I find myself absolutely engrossed in this world’s amalgamation of it.  I enjoyed learning more about it as Carmella learned more about her asura nature, training with Vitra.  The different and varied supernatural beings were interesting.  I liked how it seems that Carmella has a knack for being able to not only work with but also assist in getting different supernatural entities to work together.  Nevertheless even with the assistance of Carmella’s friends and the IEUPE, it may not be enough to stop the evil that is coming.

Ms. Naqvi continues bring this world and the characters to vivid and perfect life.  I love how she not only is capable of capturing Carmella’s personality, but that of numerous other characters, involving different accents and varied voices.  It is easily to distinguish the different characters and completely immerse myself in the novel.  I look forward to her narration of the next novel in this Witch Blood Chronicles series.

With the consequences and revelations at the conclusion of Embracing Magick, it is a gripping cliffhanger. I cannot wait to pick up in the next novel in audio format to find out what happens next! 

My Ratings:

Story: A
Narrator: A
Overall: A

Review copy provided by Tantor Audio.

About the Book:

Something is here. Something otherworldly, something alien, and its intentions are far from amicable.
Join Carmella as she navigates more twists, turns and revelations.