Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Nothing Serious by Jessica Jarman

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Audiobook Review: Nothing Serious

Author: Jessica Jarman
Narrator: Greg Boudreaux
Audio Speed: 1.5x
Series: Bound #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ m/m
Audiobook Source: Purchased

Listening to Nothing Serious is a revisit to one of my all-time favorite stories. The narration by Greg Boudreaux added emotional depth to this passionate tale. From my original review:

The story unfolds organically and beautifully, giving both Jack and Aaron time to figure out what each wants from the other and for his own life. While the couple has a history of amazing sexual chemistry, the two men are in different places in their lives, creating a tension that causes the story to hum and vibrate rather that sit stagnant. It is evident right from the get go that Jack is deeply emotionally attached to Aaron, while Aaron hasn’t really taken the time to realize what Jack means to him. Jack has always accepted this, enjoying their passionate, yet infrequent rendezvous with everything he has. He is fun and gentle, unwilling to push Aaron into something he’s not ready for, endearing him to me so very much. Their dynamic captured me completely, and I was thoroughly engrossed in their romance.

At first, the narration by Mr. Boudreaux threw me because his “neutral” narrator voice is an unaccented English accent, sounding very much like Aaron. So when it was Jack’s point of view, I wanted the narrator to have a similar English accent that Jack had. But I got used to the back and forth after a couple chapters. His accents are convincing to this untrained ear. His female voices are higher-pitched and decisively feminine, many strong and matching the characters’ personas. 

In the end, I absolutely love Nothing Serious and the timeless romance between Aaron and Jack. The narrator does wonderful job with intensity and non-verbal sounds and cues, bringing the entire experience up a notch. 

My Ratings:
Story: A+
Narration: A-


About the Book:

Aaron Stevens likes his life the way it is. As a surgical resident, he is perfectly content with the fact that the precious hours he has outside the hospital revolve around taking care of his mother and sister. He doesn’t have the time or inclination for a serious relationship. So the fact his lover lives halfway around the world and is fine with jetting off to exotic locales a couple times a year for a few weeks of hot sex is as close to perfect as he can get. 

The last thing Jack Hayes ever expected when his best friend got involved with an American was to hook up with her son. And he sure as hell never imagined it would continue for as long as it has. For years, he has been at Aaron’s beck and call, satisfied with submitting to him whenever Aaron and his busy life allow. But, after a change in his family’s company that has him looking for a new job, and possibly moving, Jack has begun to examine what he really wants in life and isn’t sure stolen moments here and there are enough anymore. 

When Jack arrives to attend Aaron’s sister’s wedding, keeping what he and Aaron have a secret begins to take its toll. Aaron is unwilling to come out to his family, afraid of hurting them and ruining what should be the happiest day of his sister’s life. As much as Jack has come to love Aaron, he can’t bring himself to be the dirty secret in Aaron’s closet. Aaron has a choice to make, because the tighter he holds on to keeping their “nothing serious” arrangement, the closer he comes to losing everything.